Mother of World’s Hairiest Baby Hospitalized

A 36 year-old woman is undergoing psychiatric testing after it was discovered that she was unaware that the child she had been pushing around in a pram for the last 5 years was in fact a dog.

The dog, known as ‘Snuggles,’ is currently being held at a local dog pound while it waits for the outcome of the mental assessment of its owner.

Neighbors of Lilly Atmos spoke exclusively to Glossy News to reveal a catalog of disturbing events leading up to the eventual sectioning of Ms. Atmos.

“I went in her house once to give her some mail that was delivered by mistake. There were pictures of her dog everywhere, all in little frames like you do with your kids,” Mrs. Hagget, who lived across the road, told us.

She went on to say, “Me and my husband would see her all the time with the dog in little outfits, a cowboy outfit, a fairy outfit, winter jackets and summer shorts and sunglasses.”

Work colleagues were shocked to learn that Snuggles was in fact a dog. One co-worker said, “She would tell me how he did a poo on the neighbors lawn and laugh, or how he would eat and get the food all over its face, I just assumed it was a baby and Snuggles was a nickname.”

Atmos’ lawyer, Mr. Tan, has stated that they expect her to be released and reunited with Snuggles by noon tomorrow.

He said, “Many lonely women suffer from this condition. Although we usually observe this behavior in women who are a little older – or who have had children leave for college – it is behavior that does not inflict harm on anybody else and is easily treated with a quick dose of ‘getting a life.’”

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