Osama bin Laden’s Post Mortem Bestsellers

It seems some of our most beloved Middle-eastern dictators penned a few novels before their untimely demises. Momar Khaddafi had written a romance novel before his beating by his own people and his buddy Saddam Hussein before his capture had written four romance (!) novels and had finished another in his prison cell before his execution.

One of the books had been made into a twenty part television series for his captive audience in pre-Shock And Awe Iraq. Now we have learned that the latest poster boy, Osama bin Laden, not to be outdone by his counterparts, had also been burning the midnight cave oil to get his name in print and not just on video.

Let’s take a look at these potential bestsellers that are sure to take the Afghani reading public by storm as soon as such a thing as a book store is opened in Afghanistan:

Chicken Soup For The Terrorist Soul

I Had My Third Wife Beheaded – A Love Story In Two Parts

How To Wage a Jihad For Fun And Prophet

Fun Terrorist Acts To Commit If You’ve Got A Lot Of Mullah

Survival Cave Spelunking.

How To Cook Camel 40 Delicious Ways

Sheep Make Wonderful Lovers- What To Do When None Of Your Wives Are Available

How To Reinterpret A Holy Book To Suit Your Ambitions- Tricks I Learned From Christian Fundamentalists

Growing Up With 32 Brothers- The Things Sibling Rivalry Can Drive You To

Disguising Yourself As A Professional Basketball Player- You’re Key To Undercover International Travel

Bound For The Glory Holes- Heaven And The 72 Virgins Waiting For Me

The Health Benefits Of Eating Nothing But Canned Goat For Weeks At A Time

(Published in Mexico) Osama’s Tips For Sneaking Across International Borders Undetected

And what proved to be the last book he finished- I Will Soon Be A Has-bin.

Author: rfreed

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