George Tierney Exclusive Interview… yes, George Tierney from Greenville, SC

It was just yesterday when I saw the latest accidental celebrity create himself on the interwebs. It seems one George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, SC decided it was okay to get in a pissing match with tbogg from FireDogLake. and others quickly picked it up, and I was the first to reach the man himself for an exclusive interview, which follows.

If you want to see the uncut video interview, email me using the CONTACT page, and I’ll share it with you.

As a satire site, I have no pretense of fairness or balance, just like FOX News. I do have a credibility gap, which was supposed to be bridged by Mr. Tierney’s announcement on Twitter that we did indeed conduct this interview. He has since deleted his account. All I have is the uncut audio from the call. [update: his account is once again active]

But in an effort to be fair to the truth, I will annotate our conversation with photos and links as best I can to validate the facts in question… and oh honey, there are some doozies in store for you today.

Here is the digest:

  1. Georgetown is a fake Catholic university
  2. The war on women is as fake as the war on blacks and illegals
  3. Lou Gehrigs comes from Iraq
  4. Muslims have a pact to infiltrate western politics
  5. Barack Obama’s real name is George Sorrento
  6. America was at war with Russia in the 70s
  7. Obama is personally arsenic-deathing all the cancer-curing doctors

What follows is a best-consolidation of a 44-minute conversation with George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, SC. I have a video file with the whole, unabridged conversation, saved to cover all bases. I will make it available to credible, interested parties as needed. – Hey George, this is Brian
George Tierney – Hey Brian – How are you doing?
George Tierney – If I was any better I’d be twins. – When did this Twitter business all start?
George Tierney – This Twitter nonsense? When Sandra Fluke came on and I found out she’s a liar and I started doing some research on her and I posted some stuff on who she actually was and what she’s about. And the liberals decided to attack me and you know I was prepared for it, I didn’t care.

Not the kindest language, but could be out of context. It is Twitter, after all. – In your words what caused things to actually blow up?
George Tierney – I called a spade a spade. I said that she was someone that was looking for attention, and the media even acknowledged that, that she only went to Georgetown, which is a fake Catholic University, it’s not even a real Catholic University, because they don’t follow the Vatican law. She went there because she found out that they were not providing birth control to females. And so I went ahead and blasted Georgetown, blasted her and said she was fake and said she was full of sh*t. – Twitter limits you to 140 characters. If you had longer to express the same sentiment, what would you have preferred to have said?
George Tierney – I just told her to shut up. I said when are you going to shut up because you’re a liar. You went to Georgetown, you sought out a university that, what she did was went looking for a university that wasn’t providing that stuff and then she sought out a university to make a platform in order to make her point and that’s what ended up happening. It’s out there in the news, everybody knows this and she’s still getting out there on Twitter and everything else. And that’s when I said shut the F up, we’re tired of hearing you because you’re a liar. You are a liar, just like the politicians. You’re a liar.

This Tweet takes the lord's name in vein and also references a patron I'm unfamiliar with... who is St. Fu? – Do you think she’s working for a politician?
George Tierney – I don’t know that she’s working for a politician but I think she’s pro-Obama and I think that she’s the leader of this War on Woman crap. There’s no such thing. It ain’t a joke. There’s no war on women. A war on women is the biggest joke there is. It’s like a war on blacks. I mean it really is. We have no war on blacks. No, it’s not like a war on blacks, it’s like a war on illegal immigration. – So you’re saying there is or is not a war on illegal immigration?
George Tierney – I would say that, um… No, I would say there is no war on that, and I would say that using the “war on”, those two words, go serve in Afghanistan and those two countries. I got a brother in law that ended up with ALS (Lou Gehrigs) because of it. [What Causes ALS] – Are you worried about the long-term effects of your online reputation?
George Tierney – Absolutely not, I could care less about myself. My dad already emailed me and he said “what is this?” He said “I am embarrassed beyond belief” so yeah, I’m a little embarrassed about that. But I mean, who looked up my father’s stuff? They thought it was me. My dad is not on Twitter, my dad is not on Facebook. My dad is 70+ years old, doesn’t deal with any of that, and he gets an email from some clown tonight calling him names from stuff that I put on Twitter. – Are you actually planning legal action or have you decided yet?
George Tierney – Oh I’m going to have legal action, yeah. I’m planning legal action against tbogg, whoever tbogg is, and I think it’s a female. Let me go back here I’ll tell you exactly who tbogg is … Female name that came back was Jennifer something, yeah she’s going to get legal action against her because she’s the one that started all this crap against me. – Has this hurt your business so far, do you expect that it will?
George Tierney – No. It’s people I deal with on a daily basis, you know. I haven’t done anything. I’ve gotten over 235 followers on Twitter since all this. – It is your first amendment. You are free to say whatever crazy things you want to say.
George Tierney – And they’re not crazy. They’re the truth. – You’re obviously getting some emails out of this, has there been any pressure to walk back your language a bit or reconsider that angle?
George Tierney – No. I mean as far as Sandra Fluke, she’s a liar, she’s a joke, she’s got an agenda [repeats the previous points about Georgetown being a fake Catholic university, etc.]

No taking that in another context. That's the one word you just don't use in company, mixed or otherwise. – Is there anything else you want me to get across? Is there anything else I’m forgetting to ask?
George Tierney – One thing about Sandra Fluke is that she sought out a University, which nobody knew what she was doing at the time, that she could exploit at some point during her time.

Never heard of a face or mouth referred to as such, but perhaps Mr. Tierney visits a different sort of bath house than we do. – How do we know that?
George Tierney – I know you don’t. – No, I said HOW do we know that?
George Tierney – How do we know that? It’s been in the news. I will tell you this though. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright admitted once and for all that he helped muslim brother Barack Obama accept Christianity, a fake version that is, without having to renounce his muslim faith. That’s an absolute fact. – Is that in the news?
George Tierney – Yep. – I have not heard that.
George Tierney – Yep, it’s in the news. It’s also a fact that you can be a muslim and you can go to the top echelon and you can go to them and request Chakira [sp] where you can renounce your faith in front of God, man and everybody else in order to get what the muslims desire, and that’s what Barack Obama has done. He went to, he got thrown out of wherever he was born, he was born in Kenya, but his name was changed to George Sorrento and it was never changed back legally when he moved back to the United States. He grew up over in Kenya and a couple other places over there. I’ve got it all right in front of me, I can send it all to you if you want. – With your permission I will publish all this. I’m just going to do my best to get the answers up as-is, to get your side of the story out there.
George Tierney – The thing is is my side of the story is not so much my side of the story but it’s the side of the story, and people are going to relate me with a republican. I’m not a republican, I’m not a democrat. – What are you?
George Tierney – I voted for Bill Clinton in 92 and 96. I voted for Al Gore in 2000. I wrote my name in in 2004 and 2008. Not to be obnoxious or a jackass but the fact is is I wrote my name in because I thought the two guys running for president were a joke. I think that the 2000 election was rigged, Al Gore won the election, but Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida, we had three recounts and all the sudden George Bush is president, then all the sudden we’ve got wars. The only time America actually makes money is when we’re at war. – Well, America is in war an awful lot, historically.
George Tierney – Historically, if you look back, I don’t know how old you are but I’m 45. We’ve been at war since you and I were alive. – Mmmmm, have we?
George Tierney – Pretty much. I was born in 67, we were in Vietnam. Soon as Vietnam ended we had a little break and then all the sudden we were in the Cold War and all the sudden we had 8 years of Iraq, Russia. We were selling arms to Iraq and then they turned them around and used them on us. And we were selling them chemical warfare. [back to ALS discussion] – Is there anything you want to say to your critics on Twitter?
George Tierney – Honestly, they’re all wrong. And the fact that they are going to vote for Obama again. I’ll give them a pass on 2008, but right now if they vote for Obama again they need a labotomy, seriously. Everything he’s promised, nothing has come to pass.

Right, but without Obamacare, who would be left to pay for all the lobotamies? – [Attempts to end interview]
George Tierney – Brian, I’m going to say this. Sandra Fluke started this whole crap, war on women thing, and it was a joke because she went looking for a University, number one [back to the same points as above about Georgetown being a fake Catholic school perfect for her self-serving vendetta.]

George Tierney – Do you realize there are cures for cancer out there and I found nine of them. I went to the Oncologist… – I saw that tweet. It didn’t make sense out of context.
George Tierney – I found nine cures for cancer and my oncologist told me, he said, there’s not a cure for cancer yet. Really? That’s why four guys that found cures for cancer ended up with arsenic death. [Andrew] Breitbart was getting ready to explode Obama and he ended up with arsenic death? The guy that last saw Breitbart ended up with arsenic death? [Coroner: Breitbart Died of Heart Failure] – What do you make of that?
George Tierney – Obama’s frickin killing these people. – Obama is killing these people?
George Tierney – Yes he is. – That’s awfully specific. Is it because they’re political enemies?
George Tierney – No it’s because the, here’s the thing, the guy that got killed for the cancer got killed years ago, Obama had nothing to do with that. But Breitbart and his guy got killed by Obama. I’ll go down on radio, tv or whatever and and and say that because the reason is is is those tapes come out, Obama goes down. And they’re coming out anyway…

George Tierney – Have you enjoyed the last four years? – They haven’t been bad for me particularly.

George Tierney – Have they enhanced your income, have they enhanced your retirement program? – Yeah, I’ve made more money under Obama than I made under Bush.

George Tierney – Okay. Has… Do you believe Obama is for America or against America? – I believe he’s for America. I don’t believe anyone runs for office, anyone, without being for America.

George Tierney – Have you ever heard of Tae Kwa Gee [sp]? – Would you say that again, have I heard of?
George Tierney – Ty-go-chee. [possibly taqiyya.] – No.
George Tierney – Where muslims can present themselves as Christians or of another faith in order to coerce, this guy is the closest thing to Hitler that has ever, ever happened. – How so?
George Tierney – I mean he’s got the masses believing in him and he’s done nothing. He’s got us five trillion dollars more in debt than we were in 2008. The actual number of unemployed is closer to 20% than what the actual number Bryan Williams and Obama lovers tell us. [goes on for 2 minutes.]

[Interview continued for another 18-minutes without getting back to the topic at hand, and then ended.]

A full copy of the interview was recorded. I will make it available to select parties to validate this interview. It is a video file featuring me and my cell on speaker phone. All audio is clear, but sadly, so are many of my reactions to the things said… I mean, come on, he said some stuff that was really out there and I couldn’t exactly contain myself, what with all the privacy I had.

Pay especial note to the N-Word... Kind of hard to look past. Word to the sub-wise, if you would like to be thought of as anything more than a savage animal, avoid the unspeakable words... you know, like Voldemort.

Author: Brian White

Brian first began peddling his humorous wares with a series of Xerox printed books in fifth grade. Since then he's published over two thousand satire and humor articles, as well as eight stage plays, a 13-episode cable sitcom and three (terrible) screenplays. He is a freelance writer by trade and an expert in the field of viral entertainment marketing. He is the author of many of the biggest hoaxes of recent years, a shameful accomplishment in which he takes exceptional pride.

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  1. It makes me sad to go back and read Bobz’ comments. We had him for such a brief time, yet he shined so bright. Godspeed Bobzaguy, and tell St. Peter he knows what he did.

    I kinda wanna see if ol’ George Tierney is up for a second round of interviews…

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  5. George Tierney?
    Oh Yeah!
    He’s the one who sang ‘I Was Only 24 Hours From Tulsa’ and ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’!
    Funny, he used to be cool……..

  6. Brian, Brian, Brian…is there an awards category for intelligent satire? You win it! Even if you have to invent it!

    Love the switch in interviewer/interviewee towards the end. Zero Mostel did that once with Studs Terkel in Chicago, and wouldn’t give the tape recorder back! I cried joyfully at that! Same here with yours!


  7. And too on Mr. Tierney? People been defining me as really really smart since I was about age three.

    If I never hoid of Brian White and he interviewed ME, about two questions in I would start focusing on keeping my powder dry.

    Mr. Tierney proves he’s stupid by not realizing the wattage of Mr. White. However? Mr. White’s triumph here is sleuthing out the goofball and letting him roll. Aside from the ‘Lord of the Flies’ tribal orgasm, there are some quite stupid Liberals too. Danny Glover for example, said the Haiti earthquake was caused by global warming.

  8. Vichuck, please don’t go down the phone number posting road, OK? That’s a bit brownshirt, isn’t it? Mr. Tierney isn’t a daycare worker with NAMBLA membership or anything.

    Mr. Tierney appears to be profoundly dumb and a bit on the emotionally needy side too. Why would anybody want to compound George’s problems by crank calling his employer?

  9. I desperately hope the Sorrento/Obama connection is picked up and ran with so string cheese conspiracy theories dominate this election cycle. Please God.

  10. Gotta say some of the things he said make perfect sense. I mean Obama could never have been elected using such an un-American sounding name like George Sorrento, so he Americanized his name so he could get elected, part of the overall sinister plan…

    It felt good to write that.

  11. George Tierney of Greenville, SC thinks he has Twitter.
    Methinks he has Tourette’s.

  12. I hope you decide to release teh video for public consumption, but I totally understand your reasoning in not doing so. Still, good work there.

    Near teh end, just before teh taqqiya stuff, you’ve swapped your lines with George’s.

  13. Great interview, keep up the good work. BTW, it’s “peddling,” not “pedaling,” unless you’re riding a bike.

  14. The most apt reply to this idiot comes from Billy Madison:

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  15. Who is this fruitcake? Is he just some random mouth or has he had some visibility or ‘standing’ before this?

  16. driftglass and Southern Beale seem to be having just a little too much fun with this George Tierney thing. A few hours or so, maybe. All day long for several days……. kind of a weird obsession that announces to the world that one has little better to do.

  17. I think Sorrento was supposed to be Soetoro, the name of Obama’s stepfather, but I love the idea of Obama having an Italian name so much I don’t want you to change it.

  18. …I’m new here. Just stumbled over here from Fark. This is a satire site, right? So this interview is fake? No one can actually be that stupid, right? Guys? Please?

  19. Wow, this is a transcendent interview. It belongs in a museum.

    So does the subject. I remember one from the original Planet of the Apes where he would fit right in.

    Made my day man, thanks 🙂

  20. I’m proud that George Tierney of South Carolina is doing his bit to help his state beat Louisiana’s Mark Traina for the title of most bigoted Native Son of the Confederacy this week.

  21. Brian:

    “Brey Barg” and “Brey Bart” are Andrew Breitbart. Clearly George Tierney Jr. of Greenville South Carolina is a regular over at Breitbart’s Big Government site. No wonder he sounds like such a nutter.

    EDITORS NOTE: I have corrected the story accordingly. It was a cell phone interview on speaker phone, so it wasn’t always the clearest.

  22. This was a brilliant interview. Thank you, it needed to be done.

    Absolutely on par with Jeremy Denk’s interview with Sarah Palin.

    Perhaps to those of us freedom loving folks here in this great country, here in America, may you both go down in history as helping to clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. Progressing the four w’s and completely ignoring the all important, “Why.”

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