The Temporary Battle of Gettysburg Ball Room Memorial for MAGA WARRIOR DEAD (Ashli Babbit)

FOUR YEARS  I scored when I decsencended the Gold Escalator. Right? I came down the Golden Dscalator. Very historticl.

When was it? What year did it happen? Jared? He’s not getting enough sleep. Melania – how would she know? 2015!

She was with me.

Listen! Start at 2015 and you score four years you got 2019.

How do do score years?

I need 2 more fucking years!

Just score six years……


FOUR SCORED PLUS TWO YEARS AGO… Melania and I glided down the Gold Escalator in 2015 and I, Donald J. Trump, got elected Greatest President of All Time in 2016!

After four years of greatness, the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Alan Stiff, Hollywood Twinkle Toe’s, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Haters of America, Despisers of Truth. Laughers at Patriotism, Antifa thugs who steal public toilet paper, all got together with Enemies of the People and assorted liberal idiots and sx perverts. They soaked in this huge hot tub with their clothes off and Rigged the 2020 election and made Joe and Hunter Biden President!

Foul Lies and Highest Treason on Record! Evil Whores Screech President TRUMP a LOSER!

Impossible and not one person with the sense of a dead nigger BELIEVED IT!!

On January 6, 2020, I ordered the MAGA Army to invade the Capitol to stop this illegal process and to execute Nancy Pelosi for Treason and Mike Spence for First Degree Cowardice.

My Boys and Girls ripped that Evil Capitol Building to find them. The scaffolds were ready.

President Trump won the 2020 election in the greatest landslide in History with 80% of the popular and ALL the Electoral Votes! EVERY GODDAMN ONE!!!

How BRAVE the MAGA Army fought! Doped up Capitol and DC officers beat many of our valiant war fighters beyond the Limit of Human Suffering! To add to the horror, the Holy Precious life of Ashli Babbit snatched treacherously by a greedy, jealous, heartless, despicable Coward with a Gun.

As a personal note: I would have been deeply honored to date Ms. Babbit had I not been married to the delightful First Lady, Melania Trump.

The Biden administration has protected this War Criminal, but on August 16th a mere 4 days now, I shall return to the White House in Honor and Glory and Babbit’s killer wi

ll wish he had never been born!

Upon my return to the Presidency, I shall decree January 6th Ashli Babbit Memorial Day, a full national holiday. I don’t want to see any place open, not even a gas station!

I have been to the mountaintop, and I have SEEN total MAGA victory with a Nation TOTALLY CLEANSED! Not a SINGLE TRAITOR will draw breath and the WORLD will

tremble at our Dominance!

We will remember how the Pompous Coastal Elites sneered at our simple devotion to Guns, God, Family, Blood, and Land!

They called us STUPID!!

If STUPID means unqualified Obedience to God and Country; lf STUPID means exposing the ERRORS of FALSE Religions and Creeds; if STUPID means TOTAL SUBJUGATION to the Christian Church of the CROSS and only the CROSS; If STUPID means swift and sure punishment of SEX PERVERTS, then I am proud to proclaim that Our Government of the Stupid, by the Stupid, and for the Stupid SHALL NEVER perish from the EARTH!!!!

Author: Mark Wilt

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