Film Titles

Have you ever wondered how a writer comes up with a title,

for a theatrical production or, screenplay. Here’s a

famous example.   

It was a great movie, so they say.

Adapted from a play.

Garson Kanin wrote it to earn fame,

but he could not give it a name.

His brain moved,  as fast as a cycle,

but he could not come up with a title.

Then by chance a telegram came,

from a Swede, with an unpronounceable name.

There is a young actor, I want you to see,

all I know is, that he has a degree.

So, Kanin decided it was worth to proceed in

seeing an actor who lived in Sweden.

The young actor gave Kanin his name,

and said, “I’m delighted you came.

I would like to act in a play, written by you,

because, I know that will be my breakthrough”.

After a coffee, Kanin offered to pay

and agreed they would meet the following day.

The next day, the young actor gave Kanin his name,

which surprised Kanin, because it wasn’t the same.

The writer, was now in dismay.

“But you were, Bjorn Yesterday”.

That was vital,

Kanin, had his title.

Judy Holliday, became a star overnight

and for the rest of her life, that star shone so bright.

Author: Anthony Irving

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