3d Puzzles for Kids: the Toys that Raise Creativity

UGears mechanical models are 3D puzzles made from sustainably grown, high-quality wood. They include everything you need for easy and well-illustrated assembly. Just take the individual pieces out of the box and put them together to assemble the complete model. The pieces of these 3d puzzles for kids are of first-class quality. They are cut from plywood using a laser method that allows good precision.  

You will love these UGears 3d puzzles because: 

  •  They imply the DIY principle. UGears make the hearts of people willing to be creative with their own hands within the digital age beat faster. 
  •  An interesting experience is guaranteed. Just be patient and follow the instructions.
  •  They are alive. All models are self-propelled or have a rubber band motor/mechanical plywood gearbox. No static. 
  •  They bring joy. Some 3d puzzles for adults are partly inspired by real machines and leave a little touch of nostalgia.  
  •  They are a perfect decoration. Once assembled, UGears models are perfect for decorating your living room.
  •  They are a beautiful gift idea. The wooden models from UGears make a wonderful gift or hobby for any model maker. A mechanical puzzle helps to discover the world of mechanics and self-propulsion in a particularly creative way. 
  •  There are currently over 90 model kits available, such as Wall Clock, Hurdy Gurdy, Convertible VM-50, Heavy Boy Truck, and Treasure Box. As you can see, the choice is vast.

Understandable High Quality

All UGears wooden model kits for adults come with colorful instructions in 11 languages (including English, German, Ukrainian) describing each step. No need for glue or special tools to assemble wooden puzzles into functioning miniatures. The quality of 3d wooden puzzles for adults is very important to the manufacturer; therefore, products undergo careful quality controls and tests. It is not only the checks and tests that make the products so high quality but also the materials they are made from, which UGears sources from sustainable forestry in Europe.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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