Cash for Tats

[Naming Rights: Athletes’ Product Endorsements]

              A Croatian soccer player recently got paid to tattoo a product endorsement on his body. NASCAR driver outfits look like walking billboards, and other American sports have added uniform advertising.

Athletes who show skin while performing might want to cash in themselves. Product naming rights for an arm or a leg matched with a sports personage’s name or nickname should reap bigtime cash for tats. Imagine these athletic tats:

·       Javier “The Magician” Baez [MLB] – Scotch Magic Tape

·       Damian “Dame Time” Lillard [NBA] – Rolex Watches

·       Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval [MLB] – Panda Express

·       Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski [NCAA] – Kellogg’s Special K

·       Giannis “The Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo [NBA] – Dannon Greek Yogurt

·       Valentina “The Bullet” Shevchenko [MMA] – Bulleit Bourbon

·       Francisco “Mr. Smile” Lindor [MLB] – Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste

·       Phil “Lefty” Mickelson [PGA] – Mother Jones Magazine

·       Lebron “King” James [NBA] – King James Version Bible Publishers

·       Shohei “Sho Time” Ohtani [MLB] – Showtime Network

·       Anthony “The Brow” Davis [NBA] — Philips Norelco Nose, Ears and Brows Trimmer

·       Brandon “Baby Giraffe” Belt [MLB] – Little Giraffe Baby Boutique

·       Jon “Bones” Jones [MMA] – Kentucky Fried Chicken

·       Nikola “Joker” Jokic [NBA] – Wynn Resort Las Vegas

·       Noah “Thor” Syndergaard [MLB] – Marvel Comics

·       Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes [MMA] – San Diego Zoo

·       Pete “Polar Bear” Alonso [MLB] – PBS Nature Series

·       Michelle “The Big Wiesey” Wie [LPGA] – New Orleans Tourist Board

·       Fernando “El Nino” Tatis, Jr. [MLB] – The Weather Channel

·       Megan RAPinoe [USWNT] – Shady Records

·       LUCAS Giolito [MLB] – Lucas Oil

·       Stephen CURRY [NBA] – Mahatma Rice

·       KETEL Marte [MLB] – Ketel One Vodka

·       Conor MCGREGOR [MMA] – Clan McGregor’s Scotch

·       BROOK Lopez [NBA] – Brooks Brothers Clothing

·       Natasha CLOUD [WNBA] – Microsoft

·       De’Aaron FOX [NBA] – Fox Broadcasting Company

·       Carli LLOYD [USWNT] – Lloyd’s of London

·       Joey GALLO [MLB] – E. & J. Gallo Winery

·       DUNCAN Robinson [NBA] – Dunkin’ Donuts

·       Mookie BETTS [MLB] – DraftKings

·       Kevin LOVE [NBA] – Southwest (LUV) Airlines

·       Mike TROUT [MLB] – Taste of the Wild Trout Formula Dog Food

·       Sue BIRD [WNBA] – Buffalo Wild Wings

·       Marcus SMART [NBA] – iPhone Smart Devices

·       Aaron JUDGE [MLB] – People’s Court Syndicated TV Show

·       CRYSTAL Dangerfield [WNBA] – Tiffany and Company

·       KAWHI Leonard [NBA] – Hawaiian Tourist Board – Kauai

·       WALKER Buehler [MLB] – Zappos Shoes

·       James HARDEN [NBA] – Viagra

Author: Ken Hogarty

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