Biden Offers Trump Cabinet Post as Beppo The Clown

In a bid to unite a divided America President Elect Joe Biden has stretched out the hand of reconciliation to the Republicans and Trump’s loyal supporter base by offering the outgoing president a place in his new administration.

However, the offer has a sting in its tail. The position is a new one, that of Circus Secretary. If he accepts the role, Donald Trump would not only be responsible for all circuses and performers therein across America, but would also have to dress every day as Beppo the sad faced clown.

“This role in government is long overdue,” smirked Biden at a press conference given from his subterranean hermetically sealed virus-proof basement garage, “For too long circuses have operated without close scrutiny and outside the law. I myself went to one recently where a vehicle, driven by a clown, no less, fell apart before an astonished audience. The bonnet flew open and chickens fluttered out. When the windshield wipers were switched on a custard pie suddenly hit the driver in the face. If these vehicles were allowed on our highways there would undoubtedly be deaths on our roads.”

Reacting to Biden’s offer, Donald Trump tweeted, “I’m thinking about it. It’s my chance to get more bears to ride skateboards, dogs to dance and funny shit like that, although I’m not convinced about dressing as a clown. I don’t want to look silly playing golf.”

Author: David Smith

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