Interesting Modern Art Movements to Follow This Year

 People tend to have more fun when they do things in numbers. For example, a game of poker will be more fun if you are playing in online baccarat . Therefore, if you are an artist you might find better fulfilment when you do things in numbers.

Finding the best movement to be aligned to as an artist will have to be determined by a lot of different things. Luckily, there are plenty to consider based on your personality and your talent. This article is going to give you a few modern art movements you might want to join.


This movement came into light back in 1931 through the works of Salvador Dali. The Persistence of Memory created one of the best visuals that some have described as visceral and eye grabbing.  To them, art is not about making something that has to make senses, it just has to be eye capturing and beautiful. Therefore, you will be free to experiment a little with your work


This form of art is linked to a lot of international artists all over the world. This is a uniformed form of art that is based on the beliefs of Dadaists. And to them, art is about standing out from the rest of the world and not falling into the normal band wagon. For them it is about fighting against socially repressive institutions that mocked their art. Therefore, you will find their art scattered everywhere just like french casinos they are scattered everywhere .


 The movement was quite popular in Russia as a fight against constructivism. Therefore, if you find yourself going through something similar, then you might as well as try it out. And, it is the first to use abstract painting in their movement. The founder of this now popular form of art is Kazimar Malevich. To him, art is about experimenting with the basic shapes while giving out a perfect colour coordination.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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