Beast Mode Now Slated to Speak Virtually to Princeton Grads: List of Other Celeb Grad Speeches Online

When Princeton announced Marshawn Lynch of Beast Mode fame would speak to grads, other schools scrambled to attract headline-makers. Since, all education’s virtual at this point because of Covid-19 protocols, these speeches will be online to grads. This will give you too the opportunity to hear them And, they will give Universities a chance to tout gift-giving portals and in some cases suck up to their own grads who have made names for themselves. Here is the most current list of grad speech offerings:


Marshawn Lynch                                                        “Taking Care of Your Mentals and Chicken”

(Beast Mode Football Player)                                      [Living Oaktown Values After Graduation]

Canisius College

Bernie Sanders                                                                 “Greats Who Finished Second – More than Once”

(Senator/Socialist)                                                          [The early ‘90s Buffalo Bills and Avis get Shout-Outs]

College of the Holy Cross                                             

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.                                                  “Mr. Science: Correcting the Always Right”

(NIAID Director, Infectious Disease Specialist)      [Covid-19 Act with President Conspiracy Believer]

The Culinary Institute of America

Justin Bieber                                                                      “Get Real: It’s Still Yummy, Yummy, Yummy”

(Singer/Foodie)                                                                [Eating Chinese Food Washed Down with a Corona]

Bob Jones University

Rudy Giuliani                                                                    “Ukraine, You Saw, But You Didn’t Conquer”

(Lawyer, Mouthpiece)                                                [Hunter and Joe Biden: No Fake News Here]

Nothwestern University

Meghan Merkle                                                           “Every Woman is a Princess”

(Prince Harry’s Wife/ New Canuck/ Alum]               [Landing Your Prince Charming This Decade]

U.C. Berkeley

David Scavino                                                                    “Hire ‘em! Fire ‘em: Avoiding Your Boss’s Wrath”

(Trump Advisor; Director of Social Media)             [Longest Serving Trump Administration Aide]


Beyonce                                                                              “Solange & Sisterhood: Years After Elevator-gate”

[Singer-Songwriter married to Jay-Z)                       [Going All Out for a Sister – Always the Priority]

Liberty University

Sean Hannity                                                                     “So-Called Global Warning: Climategate”

(Fox News Talking Head/ Apologist)                         [America Last – Phony Science from the Left]


Smokey the Bear & The Tree                                   “Burning Down the Greenhouse”

(Fire Prevention Spokesperson & Mascot)             [Wildfires in the Amazon, Australia and the West]


Stephen Miller                                                                 “Conspiracy: Ghetto Academy Winners & Pandemics”

(Trump Speechwriter/White Nationalist)              [COVID-19/Parasite; Swine Flu/Slumdog Millionaire;

                                                                                       SAARS/Chicago – Did Bill and Melinda Finance Them?]


A.J. Hinch & Jeff Luhnow                                              “The Numbers Don’t Lie: Tech and Integrity”

(Discredited Astros Manager and G.M.]                 [Formulating Baseball’s Cheating Scandal]


William Barr                                                                       “The Constitution: What’s Worth Saving”

(Attorney General / Redactor-in-Chief)                  [A Different Perspective After Obama Years]


Martin Scorcese                                                               “Making Biden and Trump Look Younger”

(Director, The Irishman)                                            [Worked With De Niro, Pesci, and Pacino, Didn’t It?]

S.F. State

Nancy Pelosi                                                                     “All Right Then, HE Can Go to Hell!”

(Speaker of the House]                                                 [Huck Finn-like Ripper — Trump State of Union Speech]


Greta Thunberg                                                           “Me for V.P. on Biden’s Ticket?”

(17-year-old Climate/Environmental Activist)        [To Make Average Age of Ticket less than 50)

University of Idaho

Mitch McConnell                                                             “Why I Love Moscow, IDAHO, After Nancy’s Attack”

(Senate Majority Leader]                                          [Calls Me “Moscow Mitch” for Blocking Leftist Laws]

The University of Houston                                                                          

James Harden                                                              “Nietzsche’s Supermen Don’t Pass the Rock Neither”                                   

[NBA Scorer/Ball Hog]                                                [Ubermensch Taking Control;  Giannis Be Damned]

Oklahoma University

Clint Eastwood                                                                  “Timothy McVeigh and the Federal Building”

(Actor/Director/Right Winger)                                    [NRA Right to Bear Arms Still Not Questionable]   

The U. – Miami University

J.Lo                                                                                 “A-Rod: Cheated Out of Baseball’s Hall of Fame”

(Icon)                                                                                  [Steroid Suspicions Aside, He Always Had a Big Bat]

U.S. Naval Academy

Eddie Gallagher                                                                “You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains”

(Navy Seal Saved by Trump Intercession)              [Chains of Command, That Is, Not the Marx Ones]


Stormy Daniels                                                                 “The Wall: Erection at the Southern Border”

(Actress; Director; Michael Cohen Payee)              [Why It’s Doomed Not To Go Up]


By: Ken Hogarty

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Author: Ken Hogarty

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