Social Media Conspiracy Theories about Covid-19

A Complete List: From the Left, Right and In-Between

Lean to the Left

  • The Alt-right manufactured and spread Covid-19 so that Donald Trump could close the borders, interrupt primaries, and, ultimately, declare martial law to halt the November election indefinitely.
  • Like Paul McCartney before her, Melania Trump actually died by manufactured Covid-19, replaced in her case by a silenced look-a-like.
  • The creation and spread of Covid-19: Big Pharma needed another sales boost while to add relative value to stocks as other investments plummeted.
  • Climate change has brought on Covid-19.
  • Follow the money: Covid-19 will ultimately benefit more and harm less those with money and power.

Lean to the Right

  • Leftists manufactured and spread Covid-19 as a way to rock the American economy and interfere with the otherwise inevitable reelection of Donald Trump.
  • The Holocaust never happened; deaths, where Jews could not keep their social distance, were actually an early mutation of Covid-19.
  • Vaccinations, the kind lefties always want to be mandatory, not only cause autism but also spread Covid-19.
  • George Soros manufactured and spread Covid-19 to rile up the Antifa movement he has been stoking to action.
  • Just as they got Jeffrey Epstein for the latest in the “Clinton Body Count,” Bill and Hillary might be out to get you with Covid-19.
  • A simple equation long plotted? Water fluoridation = Easy spread of Covid-19.
  • Reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion will give you a pretty good clue as to who would be nefarious enough to manufacture and spread Covid-19.
  • Covid-19 is just another incarnation of Jihad.
  • New York, Massachusetts, Seattle, Santa Clara? Just a coincidence these places were ground zero for Covid-19 cases in the U.S., places near companies (e.g., Google Hangouts, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype) owned by Bill and Melinda and other Deep Staters of that ilk?
  • 19, a prime number (and in antiquity, the “number of surrender”) in the name of Covid-19, the “Chinese Flu” according to the President, fitting since the Chinese game Go gets played on a grid of 19 X 19 lines.

Stand Up; Sit Down

  • The New World Order manufactured and spread Covid-19 so that it can rock established governments off their moorings to access power for itself.
  • Chemtrails are the evidence of Deep State planes spreading Covid-19 germs to weaken the U.S. and its economy.
  • The Freemason symbol, “the Eye of Providence,” topping the strange pyramid on one-dollar bills, is a Covid-19 receptacle, plotted by powers who launder larger monetary denominations.
  • Just as the C.I.A. created AIDs and a welcoming environment to spread it, it is also responsible for the creation and spread of Covid-19.
  • Covid-19 has been festering in Roswell, New Mexico, over the years, until recently landed aliens broke in to loosen its destruction.
  • The reptilian elite or the Illuminati manufactured and spread Covid-19 to gain a further foothold over the government and the country.

Fight, Fight, Fight

  • Was it Kool-Aid or Covid-19 juice that people drank in Jonestown?
  • If you’ve seen Catholics pass around communion chalices like joints, can you doubt spreading all germs, including Covid-19 germs, is in their warped interest with their after-life beliefs?
  • The closed chamber behind Lincoln’s head on Mount Rushmore: A lab producing Covid-19?
  • The underground secret city under the Denver Airport, marked on the surface by Masonic and Satanic symbols of war and death: The lab that concocted Covid-19 to fly to China for launching?
  • Can you also see how the J.F.K. assassination, 9/11 Attacks, Spanish Flu epidemic, oil spills, school shootings and other conspiracy claims are tied in with present Covid-19 fears?

Author: Ken Hogarty

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