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Key reminder of my key values:

Freedom of speech

If you don’t believe in freedom of speech for Nazis, radical Muslims, Scientologists and Neocons, you don’t believe in it for anyone!


Biology is not an arbitrary social construct. The world is NOT 6000 years old. Ha-Shem, God and Allah didn’t do SHIT with the dust of the earth… It’s a PARABLE FFS!

Moral universalism

Right and wrong are not matters of opinion. There are gray areas in life, but not everything is equally contestable. Humanitarian aggression, mass murder, rape and child abuse are wrong in EVERY place and time, whether they are recognized as such or not.


There is a place for religion, faith and spirituality. That place is NOT the Houses of Parliament, or the US Senate.

Classical Liberal Toleration

There should be freedom both of religion and from religion, depending on the free agency of the individual. Religions have much to offer, but the wilder excesses of religion should be reigned in; certain abuses should be outlawed, others held up to public censure, mockery and merciless ridicule. Similar for political worldviews also.

Bounded Pluralism

Differences are neither positive nor negative in themselves. A case-by-case approach is required.

Prudently progressive economics

Welfare should be supported, as long as there is no viable alternative. Fresh thinking is necessary to find possible candidates for less top-down and state-centric, more liberty-orientated alternatives: e.g. UBI, negative income tax, National Volunteer Wage, etc.


No means no! Stop the wars. Consign humanitarian interventionism and R2P to the inferno.


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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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