Exciting New Marketing Slogans for ISIS

The Islamic State has been pretty much wiped out.

So, they need a bit of fresh marketing expertise.

That’s where you and me come in!

Get a loada these.

Leave some of your ideas below! If we like them, we’ll publish them in a fresh article, and credit you!


Islam: The Religion of Pieces. Coming to a Cinema Near You Anytime Soon!

We Love Death More than We Love Life. But We Love Free Stuff More!

Islamic State: Because Risking Hellfire is Worth It!

Go and Shake in Raqqah, and Put the Calendar Back! Ooo, We Gonna Shake Ya Like Stone-Age Iraq!

Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Uhhhhhh! I’m Chopping it!

When An Axe Comes Overhead Drop it Like It’s Hot! Drop it Likes it’s Hot! Drop it Like it’s Hot!


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