Non-Wingnut Gamers/Roleplayers Sue Facebook: Alt-Right Garbage Clogging their Feed

The algorithm for Facebook boosted posts is causing severe trouble for the vanishingly small ‘political moderate’ faction of the Gamer/Roleplayer community.

Given the radical convergence between Zelda/World of Warcraft/Magic the Gathering fans and batshit NWO conspiracy theories, loony ten hour long rants on water fluoridation, and deranged ravings about FEMA camps, the Andorran Gay Illuminati and the Serbian Metrosexual Skull ‘n’ Bones Club…

Well, you could forgive Mark Zuckerberg for thinking it was perfectly acceptable to clog the Facebook feeds of gaming and roleplaying fans with the same conspiratorial horseshit…

Without getting into too many pedantic, quibbling distinctions over who was a wifebeating Bernie Bro Greenie and who was a sexually-frustrated basement-dwelling moron with self-diagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome.

Zuckerberg comments:

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Facebook is not supposed to be that scientific. It’s just a social media platform. Anyway, we can all acknowledge that not all worthless Skies of Arcadia fanboys are Muslim-hating anti-Zionist MGTOW SJW-baiters; but we sure as hell know that all Muslim-hating anti-Zionist MGTOW SJW-baiters are worthless Skies of Arcadia fanboys!

Radical online activist manbabies the MRAs and the MGTOWs (Men’s Rights Activists and Men Going Their Own Way) had hoped to get the Social Justice Warrior Community to call out the ‘exclusionary attitude’ and ‘simplistic stereotyping’ of Zuckerberg, but it seems their opposite numbers on the left are not interested in standing up for their fellow outrage engineers.

It seems like Facebook may have to just stick with the current rather crude algorithm and hope for the best.

My anonymous sources from the intelligence community tell me there is probably very little to lose from this.


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