“Liberals are So Intolerant!” Hm?

Yes, liberalism is ‘intolerant,’ and will not tolerate the intolerant.

Yes, it is a kind of ‘moral absolutism,’ where the arbitrary whims of powerholders must be held to account.
Yes, it is ‘universalist,’ in the sense that are things that cannot be tolerated anywhere on earth, or at any period of time.
Yes, it is ‘essentialist,’ because true liberals accept there is a real ‘essence’ of liberalism.
Yes, it is ‘totalizing,’ because we believe in a systematic and rational approach to the world, and not the arbitrary, whimsical opportunism of authoritarians.
and ‘totalizing.’
Yes, it is opposed to ‘tolerance,’ in the abstract; because some things should be tolerated, others not.
Yes, it will not indiscriminately ‘celebrate diversity,’ because we believe some differences are more valuable than others.
And yes, we also reject the idea that ‘it’s just an arbitrary social construct’ can somehow serve as some kind of morally consequential argument!
Liberalism is everything you people hate.
So is there any chance you other liberal folks can, y’know, stop calling yourself liberals?

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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