Grammy Committee To Require Black Face

Los Angeles, CA – In response to criticism over white artists Macklemore and Lewis winning several rap categories at this weeks Grammy Awards, the Grammy Committee has voted to require white artists winning in traditional black categories such as Rap, R&B and Reggae to wear black face and use the word “mammy” at least 3 times during their acceptance speech.

“The Grammys are sensitive to charges of white privilege in our selection process and believe these changes will go a long way to addressing those issues” said Grammy spokesperson Don White.

RIGHT: Julianna Hough, seen here at her CD Release party, is hoping to get in on the new trend. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

In addition, the Grammys will require non white winners in Country Music categories to wear overalls and black out half their visible teeth and non Hispanic winners in Latin categories to wear a sombrero and serve tacos at after parties.

(photo note…Al Jolson?)

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