Johansson “I Was Unaware OXFAM Filled w/ Anti Semitic Jew Hating Nazis”

Hollywood, CA – Hollywood screen goddess Scarlett Johansson has resigned as ambassador of international human rights organization OXFAM after receiving criticism from the group over her recent ad work for the West Bank based Israeli company Sodastream.

OXFAM, an international confederation of 17 organizations in 90 countries works to find solutions to poverty and end injustice and exploitation of poor people around the world.

It was created at Oxford in 1942 and has opposed Israel’s policies and settlements in Palestinian territories for several decades.

Agnostic Johansson’s father is a Danish Christian from Copenhagen and mother is of Jewish descent whose family fled the pogroms of Russia. At a press conference early in her career Johansson stated “I want Hollywod to know, particularly directors, producers and studio executives, that although I was raised Christian I have a mother of Ashkenazi lineage and that these boobs are Jewess through and through!”.

In a statement OXFAM said “We are grateful for Scarlett’s many contributions over the last eight years”. Johansson responded she was “proud of her accomplishments and fundraising efforts during my tenure with OXFAM”.

But in a press release sent to major film studios later that day Johansson wrote “I was unaware for eight years OXFAM hated Israel and is filled with anti Semitic Jew hating nazis. Oy vey! Please forgive me!”.

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6 thoughts on “Johansson “I Was Unaware OXFAM Filled w/ Anti Semitic Jew Hating Nazis”

  1. That is certainly correct Brian. However, in my experience, college campuses are places where
    one can left on the political spectrum as well as racist/sexist/economically elitist socially. But what I was
    pointing out is that the mere fact that racism also exists in certain sectors of left center politics doesn’t
    give Michael Savage (of Savage Nation, a 5th or 6th tier conservative radio show) the right to make light of
    conservatives being accused of it. He uses the Bay area examples to extrapolate elsewhere when we
    all know, the Bay area represents nothing but itself in anything.

  2. @Mad Max – Racists on the left? I’m sure they exist, but I can’t name any off the top of my head. Conversely, I can name probably 20 prominent racists on the right. People in politics and news, not a singer who is no longer relevant (though I guess I can name Ted Nugent too.

    Racism is never right, regardless of who does it. The fact that a few racists may exist on the left doesn’t make it okay for the sum of conservative media to be overtly racist, and vice versa.

  3. Who do u accuse of ignoring leftist racists? For every Limbaugh there’s a Madonna. Racism on the left doesn’t vindicate racists on the right does it?

  4. Its funny to make fun of people who stand up for other people's rights and ignore the facist leftists parading as integrationists. The most bigoted racist people I've ever met were rich White SF Bay liberal hippies who embrace minorities in public, but shun and spit on them behind closed doors. If you think the left aren't filled with real neo-nazis you don't know jack, just look at the Industrial Subculture music and art. They will say they play with nazi symbolism for fun, but read the books, read lyrics idiots.

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