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REVOLUTION! (By Richard Seltzer)

Once there was a kingdom where the farmers were unhappy, the tradesmen were unhappy, the soldiers were unhappy, and even the king himself was unhappy. The farmers blamed it on the tradesmen. The tradesmen blamed it on the soldiers. The…

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Breasts story
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Size Matters! (By Richard Seltzer)

Bob was an advertising executive who had a bright future ahead of him in the sales of women’s undergarments, especially brassieres. Starting in the art department, he had won praise and promotion for the beauty of the female forms he…

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Donald Trump
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1 What should do you tell Donald Trump when he’s going to bed at night? “Tweet dreams.” 2 What misunderstanding led to Trump’s disbelief in global warming? He thought the scientists said it would lead to climax change. 3 Coded…

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