IMPORTANT! Glossy News: Our Official Policy on Photographs & Copyright

Dear friends:

I have only been at Glossy News a relatively short time; at least as editor. The site was running for a long time before I came here. Right now, I just want to clarify our current policy on images.

First of all, Glossy News adhere very strictly to our responsibilities on copyright. This is not because we are stuffy or pedantic or legalistic, but because we are realists. This is fundamentally about the survival of the site. Just one out of court settlement of $10 000 plus is enough to sink the site.

Secondly, it is no use saying ‘I will never get caught.’ Read more IMPORTANT! Glossy News: Our Official Policy on Photographs & Copyright


One Family’s Intolerance Toward Intolerance

Orange County, CA- “My grandfather was bald, so was his Da… so is mine,” Jake Collins tells me as he runs a tattooed hand across his shiny pink scalp. “It’s kinda a family trait, like diabetes, quick tempers, and tattoos,” He pulls up his sleeve to show off more of his ink, then frames his face with hands marked HATE and EVIL, then flashes a quick smile that’s equal parts gold and mischief.

“Great grandpa Seamus, the first Collins to call America home was more of a dabbler when it came to working the needle. He worked a hot brand for the K Ranch in Kansas City, markin’ steer for his keep. Tattooing for him I think was just a release valve. That is, until grandpa Jack came around and took an early interest in the craft.”

“My daughter Kaylee is no different. She designed this in kindergarden,” he says, and shows me a lopsided hopscotch board that covers his right forearm. Read more One Family’s Intolerance Toward Intolerance