IMPORTANT! Glossy News: Our Official Policy on Photographs & Copyright

Dear friends:

I have only been at Glossy News a relatively short time; at least as editor. The site was running for a long time before I came here. Right now, I just want to clarify our current policy on images.

First of all, Glossy News adhere very strictly to our responsibilities on copyright. This is not because we are stuffy or pedantic or legalistic, but because we are realists. This is fundamentally about the survival of the site. Just one out of court settlement of $10 000 plus is enough to sink the site.

Secondly, it is no use saying ‘I will never get caught.’ You probably will get caught, sooner or later; and so will the site. This is why we focus very firmly on our legal responsibilities; it doesn’t matter what any author or editor think about the current laws on copyright. What does matter is the existential risk stolen photographs pose to our site. Brian built this site from the ground up, and in an environment where tons of companies are actually BEING PAID to hunt for illicit usages of copyrighted images, it is simply not worth bankrupting the site, bankrupting Brian, and quite possibly bankrupting you into the bargain!

Thirdly, there are legitimate sources for images; but it is important you send me a link to the source every time, just in case. Every time you submit something to ‘pending review,’ please provide a link to where you found the image. You can just put that in the article; I’ll tidy that up for you if need be. But to be quite honest, the easiest thing is for you to not include any images; apart from memes, which is normally OK in terms of copyright. I will of course provide images myself, in such a case.

Thanks for being so understanding, everyone; and we look forward to seeing more great satire soon! As always, email for any new submissions!

— Wallace

P.S. You can make memes here:

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