Donate to World 4 Washington Now! Let’s Halt the Economic Genocide of US Federal Workers!

Please show your compassion and open your hearts to the oppressed federal workers of the United States Government.
Although it’s hard to believe: even prior to the far right government shutdown, many destitute, impoverished, borderline penniless federal workers were scraping by on just $37 a day!
That’s even less than the miniscule, ludicrous sum of $6000 a month you would get if you rounded up to the nearest thousand!
Imagine the constant terror of starvation and homelessness.

How would you feed your family?
How would you be able to go on, knowing all you had to live for was a life of constant despair and misery? Remember, $37 dollars an hour is ONLY JUST enough to buy:
A few weeks of electricity.
Several pizzas.
A bottle of champagne.
A few dozen cans of beer.
A few hours of gasoline.
An engagement ring for your fiance.
Several months of landline or phone credit.
An annual subscription or two to Pornhub (or so our sources tell us).

Can you imagine if this was all you could earn in a hour?
Just multiply that utterly paltry sum by 20, or 30, or 40; can you imagine ANYTHING more horrifically exploitative, abusive and outright genocidal?
Please send $37 000 of your hard earned cash to World 4 Washington, via Western Union, and stand up for the oppressed heroes who are courageously suffering and enduring under the fascist dictator Donald Trump’s economic genocide of our hardworking US federal workers.
Be there for them, just when they need you most!

Share this now, and don’t let the orange darkness win!


Elitist Aliens? UFO Abductors Finally Turn Their Backs on Rural Working Class!

Moreauville, LA-  “I was heading up State Route 1 from Baton Rouge, after visiting my sister and her kids. It was getting pretty late, and I’d had a couple of brews before I’d left, so when I seen the bright light appear in the sky above, I thought my eyes were just playing tricks on me. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

Meet Roger Kosnik, a handyman man from central Louisiana who claims that he was nearly abducted by a UFO late, last Thursday night.

“My truck all of the sudden died, then I was blasted with a bright blue light. Musta been a tractor beam or something, ’cause I felt the suspension of the Dodge give, then we started to lift off the ground.”

I asked Roger if he had been abducted by an UFO.

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