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Australian Beauty Industry Ignoring Black Women

For some reason, black women are made to feel unwelcome and invisible in the Australian beauty sphere. The beauty industry markets itself as a progressive feminist space, but only caters to a few out of a majority. Black women usually…

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Obituary: Batshit Crazy Creationist Lunatic Kent Hovind Dies From Electrocution!

Yesterday, 15 October 2018, universally renowned and admired Young Earth Creationist Kent “Dr Dino” died in prison. Best known for his bizarre ‘unicorn’ rants, based on a highly innovative ‘creative interpretation’ of Job 39.9, Hovind later fell from grace; convicted…

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OMG! Maxine ‘Wacky Max’ Waters Channels 19th Century White English Imperial Warmongers!

We all know that racism is nothing new in human history! But have you ever stopped to consider how subtle and insidious it is? Kanye West’s meeting with the President has led to some pretty backhanded and sinister commentary from…

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