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A Low Point for President Jesus

WASHINGTON – It has been a tough couple of months for President Jesus in the wake of the problem-plagued launch of the government’s website and continuing criticism of his efforts to address the issues of unemployment and poverty in…

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Nativity Scene Vandalized: Baby Jesus Replaced w/ Budweiser

When Dan Fairbanks, pastor at the Village Seventh Day Adventurer Church, checked his congregation’s nativity scene Christmas Eve morning, what he found was the most disturbing image of his life. In the manger belonging to Baby Jesus, instead of Jesus,…

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Uncle Truly Astonished by Nephew Kim Jong Un’s Surprise Party

Jang Song Thaek, second top gun in the North Korean Political Machine and uncle to the countries President Kim Jon Un, was truly astonished at the surprise party his nephew had for him on Tuesday. “This is amazing!’ stated Jang,…

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