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Kim Jong-Il ‘Completes Death Star’

According to North Korean propaganda, Kim Jong-Il has achieved every Star Wars fan boys wet dream and finished his “Death Star” and claims it is ‘now fully operational’. Our source in North Korea report that ‘Talks of an attack have…

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Historic compromise – Snowden and Obama both to stand trial

This reporter has learned from confidential sources that have top security clearance and a ticket to Hong Kong that there will be a major compromise in the Snowden case. Mr. Snowden, who has been indicted for espionage, theft and conversion…

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Dog Likes Cat, Promptly Shamed (comic)

I once had a cat. I was too little to remember it. I had siblings though, and we fought like cats and/or dogs and/or cats & dogs. Normally it was fine, but sometimes it was… well let’s just say it…

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