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Shopping Conundrum: Sub-Featherweight Micro SD Card or 11+lbs of CF Cards?

The first time I bought memory was on the eve of my first trip to China in January of 2001. I’d never been to Asia and figured, “hey, Shanghai is a place I’ve heard of, so off I went. My…

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Hallucinogen Study Halted While Researcher Talked Out of Large Bird’s Nest

A study on the use of hallucinogens in medicine has been put on hold as authorities attempt to talk 24 year-old Chicago University researcher Vern Shelby out of a 13-foot bird’s nest. The story is still developing, but it is…

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What Happens if You Don’t Worship Your Dog (comic)

Ever come home from what you thought was a normal day only to find your home utterly destroyed by the very beast you’d thought was supposed to be your best friend? Well either you lent your couch to a tweaker…

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