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Painting of Big Mac Found in Neanderthal Cave

Saint Sozy, France – French paleontologists have discovered a Neanderthal cave painting said to represent hands eagerly reaching for a Big Mac, or at least proto-Big Mac, according to the journal, Ancient Discoveries. According to Jean-Claude Bouisquet, curator of…

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Gynecologist Can’t Believe His Luck with The Ladies

Local doctor Rory Allen, who recently completed his residency and entered private practice as a gynecologist, declared today that he can’t get over his recent good run with the opposite sex. Bespectacled Allen, 27, who admits that he’d always been…

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Al Qaeda Confirms Bin Laden Dead; Organizational Changes

CAIRO — Al Qaeda issued this statement to Internet militant websites: “We regret to announce that our Premier Leader, Usama bin Laden was killed Monday in plain sight at his home in the city of Abbottabad, Pakistan.

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