Theresa May’s Biggest Brexit Gaffe: “I’ve United the Country Like Nobody Else in History Has Ever Done!”

United Kingdom

Arrogant Tory centrist Theresa May has hit yet another new low in the Brexit negotiations. Her biggest blunder yet seems to demonstrate she has about as much self-understanding and self-irony as notorious chemically-insane world-historical fantasist Tony Blair!

I am quite possibly the least divisive Tory Prime Minister in history.
Everybody said Brexit was divisive, but actually, I have brought the country together like nobody else in the entire history of our nation!

However, unlike the utterly deluded ravings of her notorious predecessor, Treason Tess is actually bang on the money!
Recently, a horde of angry red-top tabloid hacks said:

Strong and stable? Quite possibly the weakest and wobbliest leader in history! Here she is, swanning about all over Europe, trying to defraud the great British taxpayer of our lawful Brexit, all the while making some ludicrously cynical pretence of being on OUR side!

At the same time, a gaggle of highminded arch-Remoaner Guardian centrists said:

May has no plan, no agenda, and is utterly lacking in the courage of any of these supposed ‘convictions’ of hers. She is bargaining from a position of self-evident weakness, while acting as though she is some kind of tough leader. Absolutely reprehensible!

Boris Johnson genially notes:

It turns out that, regardless of what anyone else tells you, there is no greater consensus former in history than Theresa May. Nobody else has ever had the power to do the impossible, by uniting Remain and Leave around a common cause of May-bashing… And quite frankly, there probably never will be! Now just you wait and see, old chap! Harrah!



Author: Wallace Runnymede

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