Blair: My Critics on Iraq Should Check Their Privilege (1/2)

Dynamic and charismatic political figure Tony Blair has recently made another helpful intervention, in order to clear up any confused ideas any mere ‘ordinary people’ may be stubbornly clinging to.

Yes, the former Middle East peace envoy and architect of innumerable sweepingly successful and highly lauded humanitarian interventions…

Has recently been so kind as to educate his foolish and benighted critics on where they are going wrong.

Assuming an uncustomarily longwinded and pedagogical stance, Blair twitched:

You know, I am absolutely ashamed to be British.

The problem with this country, like so many other places, is that when democracy is pushed beyond a certain point, in some kind of rigid and hidebound direction, it automatically turns into its opposite.

My watchful eyes have already perceived that a great deal of people are granting inappropriate, or rather, more properly, if you will, utterly disproportionate weight and inexcusably high credence to the opinions of voters, to the exclusion of those who govern them.

I mean, I’m not a dogmatic person, believe you me!

No, I don’t believe in one-sided rigidity, and the stubborn, hidebound fundamentalist attitude which remains arrogantly and hubristically closed to sparkly-fresh, innovatively creative and dynamic interventions, which are intelligently and intuitively calculated to promote radical changes in the higher scheme of things.

Or, in a nutshell, I am telling you, we don’t have to absolutely ignore voters. This, I suppose, is true, as far as it goes.

But nor should we give their arbitrary presuppositions any kind of disproportionate weight and value vis-à-vis our purely objective, neutral and value-free strategic considerations!

In particular, we should be deeply wary of voters with ignorant, rigid, fixed views that stem from a lack of understanding, and a sort of stuffy, conventional, moralistic highmindedness…

You know, the kind of self-indulgent, pious bigotry that fails to recognise the hidden sparks of the light of opportunity which, every now and then, light up and dangle in front of the eyes of those alone who possess a shrewdly discerning eye for the fleeting, miraculously momentary window of action.

Well, that’s the most enterprising, creative and dynamically flexible thing I’ve had the good fortune to read, for quite some time! Like the miniscule brotherhood of ‘career decents’ who signed the Euston Manifesto, I’d almost forgotten about this person.

Still, we’ll bring you more, an hour from now.

But in the meantime, don’t forget the magic word…


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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