Original Cast of Jaws Reunites for Breadsterastyx, Adds Eddie Murphy

Hollywood, California – In an exciting turn of events on Thursday, DreamWorks Studios announced that it has finished filming a new movie in honor of the fallen Olive Garden restaurant chain and the prehistoric dinosaur that started it all, Breadsterastyx.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to be able to finally portray this delicious animal on the big screen,” said Director Steven Spielberg, who loved working alongside Actor Richard Dreyfuss nearly 40 years after filming the thriller, Jaws.

Jaws made people fear entering the ocean, while Breadsterastyx aims to make people scared of putting their hands into a basket,” added Spielberg, while examining a breadstick from behind a camera to test how it reacted to light.

With some of the original cast members now deceased, DreamWorks was excited to announce that Robert Shaw, who portrayed the eccentric shark catcher, Quinn, in Jaws, will be played by Eddie Murphy, while Roy Scheider, who played Police Chief Martin Brody will be played by Tom Berenger. Richard Dreyfuss will pick up his original role as Hooper and act as the knowledgeable breadstick expert, while Lorraine Gary who played Martin Brody’s wife will retain her original role in Breadsterastyx.

The film takes place in a jungle community known as the Garden of Olives, where a variety of luxurious restaurants continue being built to the disapproval of the community’s police chief who watches greedy patrons consume massive amounts of breadsticks, despite the negative effects it has on the ecosystem.

When the breadstick supply begins to dwindle, members of the community start a desperate search to find the source of all breadsticks, but when members of the search go missing, Chief Brody realizes that he has a much bigger problem on his hands.

With the Mayor’s approval, Chief Brody hires a psychotic animal hunter and a man who knows everything there is to know about breadsticks in an effort to save the community and destroy a prehistoric beast, so delicious, that breadstick addicts continue helplessly falling into its fatal trap.

Critics everywhere are labeling the movie as a masterpiece to be eaten and are excited to see Eddie Murphy and Tom Berenger team up with Spielberg, Dreyfuss and Gary. The movie is expected to be released over the summer and is already attracting a salivating fan base of butter and garlic lovers everywhere.

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