Non-Muslims worry about backlash following attack by non-Muslim

Note from Barb Weir: The following is a “guest” piece from another budding journalist, Per Voerstinker. I hope to receive more from this writer.

Following the brutal murder of a Pakistani British man in London, the internet abounds with fears of backlash against the non-Muslim community. Shared through Twitter and Facebook, non-Muslims throughout the world have been repeating their concerns: “Oh God, please don’t let the perpetrator be a non-Muslim”.

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Joe Christian, a British non-Muslim, told Glossy News, “You know we’re not all like that. I hate that I have to worry about people insulting my children at school or being harassed just because some crazy non-Muslim does something horrible.” Judy Izzem, another British non-Muslim, told us, “Most of us are peaceful. What about the good non-Muslims, which is most of us? Why do non-Muslims have to be stereotyped by the acts of a few?”

The attack attracted greater focus on non-Muslims after the attackers were heard making non-Muslim extremist comments as they brutally murdered the man, shouting “Any God is greater than Allah!”

Some hardline conservatives, like Imam Musa Leem, maintain that the non-Muslim community is, in whole or in part, responsible. At a violent rally against a multifaith community auditorium, Musa Leem shouted to angry crowds of tea-drinking Muslims, “Enough is enough! non-Muslims in this country are completely ungrateful for our freedoms and heritage! They have completely failed to integrate themselves into our society, and the authorities are complicit!”

He continued, tying the recent murder to a long history of non-Muslim crimes: “These acts are an integral part of non-Muslim society and culture! They are savages! Remember the Holocaust when non-Muslims savagely murdered millions? Remember the crusades and the Inquisition, when non-Muslim barbarians tried to subjugate our peaceful religion?! Remember when the non-Muslims dropped nuclear weapons on Japan?!”

Musa Leem also claimed non-Muslims were incapable of living with democracy or stability, pointing out the sectarian violence in Europe that non-Muslims often call “World Wars I and II, and the Cold War”. “Are we really going to risk having these non-Muslim savages draw us into another Cold War, as they call it?!” yelled Musa Leem to a crowd of angry British folks expressing anger at non-Muslims.

We asked Musa Leem why he was acting as though a tiny percentage of non-Muslim extremists represented the majority. We asked, “What about moderate non-Muslims, who have vocally condemned the brutal non-Muslim wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have condemned non-Muslim extremism, such as Israel’s attack on Palestine?” He answered swiftly by pointing out, that according to Europol, “non-Muslims carried out 99%of terrorist attacks in Europe, and only 1% of terrorist attacks inEurope were carried out by Muslims or Islamists.”

And Musa Leem claims that radical non-Islam is a major threat, as groups like the BNP have been increasing, demanding the expulsion of Muslims from Britain, and supporting anti-Muslim governments and wars.

Imam Musa Leem says, “Why should our community give up our heritage to these foreign, threatening, violent groups of non-Muslim extremists? Should we be weak in front of these non-Muslim terrorists?”

Author: Barb Weir

Barb Weir is the pseudonym of a writer and social justice advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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