Why Why Do Marxists Oppose Secularism? (III: Common Ground & Scorched Earth)

Ideal Correspondence, Corresponding Ideals

Convergence of ideas on some key issues:

Anti-capitalism, or at least suspicion of certain capitalist practices, tendencies, structures; such as ‘ribah,’ the Arabic name for interest; or more properly, ‘usury’ in the negative sense.

Women as a potential source of disorder that must be assimilated into a coercive and authoritarian order.

Sexual minorities are a sign of decadence, and must be closely kept in check, if not destroyed entirely.

NB: The Marxists of the Western nations of today often pay lip service to women’s liberation and to equality for sexual minorities. However, this is not likely to be sincere. See next point.

IdPol as a Wedge

Identity politics has been fully embraced by some Communists. The hypocritical lip service Marxists pay towards certain demographics, such as women or gay people, are most plausibly understood as a strategic appeal to group interest and collective rights. I.e., these are deliberately intended as ‘wedges’ for undermining the allegedly evil and hegemonic ‘Capitalist Order.’

Anti-Imperialism of the Gutter

Opportunistic critiques of Western imperialism provide a way of discrediting the given political and economic system. Marxist do not care about the Serbian, Afghan, Syrian, Iraqi or Sierra Leonean civilians murdered by the insidious forces of humanitarian aggression; how many of them could find Russia on a map, let alone Sierra Leone?

Far less do they care about wounded British veterans; after all, bourgeois Marxism is a weapon of class warfare, used by chauvinistic segments of the intellectual classes to safeguard and guarantee their own class privileges; by shaming, hounding and demoralizing the backbone of the country.

The real reason Marxists pretend to be ‘anti-war,’ is because like their fellow collectivists the white nationalists and Alt-Right, opposing war means opposing the establishment.

In other words, their ‘anti-war’ critique is purely instrumentalist in character.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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