Rocky and Spyder Accounting Scam (Plus, Even More Video Fun Tomorrow!)

Everybody loves taxes!

Lovin’ spoonfuls at the ready!

We tax ’em here, we tax ’em there, but what happens when the IRS are monitoring you for your illicit political activities/sharp practice/fuzzy puppet erotic habits, and you need to throw a bone to the government?

Rocky and Spyder are here to help!

They MIGHT JUST know what that thingie… er, form… er, what, is?


Inventing credits, wind farm children…

Scratch that.

Inventing children, wind farm credits…


Well, anyway.

These guys are good at scratching off any unnecessary and unwarrantedly suspicious info on your tax form.

Make cheating lucrative again!

So, hit that subscribe button on Youtube, and watch out for the horrible Petting Zoo video tomorrow as well!

And make sure you get some innovative finance help from Rocky and Spyder too.

You have nothing to lose but your…



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