Why Do Marxists Oppose Secularism? (II: New Slaves, New Strategy)

Yesterday, I briefly introduced Sean Matgamna, and the Marxist betrayal of secularism.

Here is a brief discussion of some possible reasons for the Marxist collaboration with Alt-Islam.

This short series of three mini-articles is not intended as being in any way comprehensive; but it will hopefully inspire some of you to do some more reading! Correspond with me at: authorjf @  gmail.com

The ‘Accelerationist’ Imperative

Some radical thinkers on the right and on the left believe that the more you increase the ‘contradictions’ or conflicts of the current order, the quicker you precipitate its final doom.

The divisive effects of jihadists is welcomed as a part of this agenda.

Marxists dream of bringing about the final destruction of the liberal, democratic and capitalistic order by fostering conflict and division; not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end:

The final demise of civilization, whereupon the Phoenix of Communist Revolution will arise from the flames.

La Nouveau Proletariate (New Proletarianism)

Political Islamists represent the ‘New Subaltern,’ i.e. the new token disenfranchised minority.

The non-treacherous disempowered minority that never betrayed ‘the good guys.’

Unlike the ‘future master class’ of the past, who always refused to kneel down and kiss the boot of the Supreme Benefactor.


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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