Acceptable & Unacceptable Collectivism

“Gay community” good, Russian nationalist homophobia bad.

“Jewish community” good, Nazi stormtroopers bad.

“Muslim community” good, BNP bad.

“Transgender community” good, GOP God-botherers bad.

Anyone see the problem with the “four legs good, two legs bad” of Social Justice Warriors?

You are either for collective rights, collective interests, collective wellbeing, or you’re not.

Likewise, you are either to individualism, or you’re not.

“Moderate collectivism” is like “moderate rape,” or “moderate pedophilia.”

If you don’t like moderate sex offenders, moderate Nazis or moderate KKK racists, but you’re perfectly fine with moderate collectivism, then you can forget about pushing your narcissistic hypocrisy on anyone else.

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