Palin Truths Rile Up Political Base Again

Recently, on the Bill O’Reilly Show, Sarah Palin made this statement “American Law Should Be Based on the God of the Bible and the Ten Commandments.” It is not enough that the founding fathers saw fit to make God a part of their decision-making process when crafting this country’s laws, Palin believes that the laws of this country should be based in the belief system of one faith only, the Judeo-Christian faith.

All this came out as Palin railed against a judge in Wisconsin for ruling that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. Palin made her statement, as she usually does, to get a rise out of people and make them chant and shout that Christians are being discriminated against. “What in hell scares people about talking about America’s foundation of faith,” said Sarah as she tried ever so craftily to tear down the wall between church (Christian church) and state to bring home her senseless point.

Palin made an impassioned case for the National Day of Prayer, going so far as to cite how many government seals and documents contain the word God, and intimating over and over that our founding fathers only had the Christian God in mind when they wrote the Constitution. Palin said the word God as if it were strictly a Christian concept, and that all other Gods from all other religions were not worthy of consideration, in fact, not really America’s God. You could almost hear the big “G” being reduced to a small “g” as she spoke about other religions.

Listen carefully next time Sarah Palin speaks. She really knows how to skew the facts. In this case, her message, wrong as it may be, is this: There is only one law, God’s law (as long as that God is a Christian God) and there are only 10 basic rules by which to live (the Ten Commandments from the Judeo-Christian belief system). It does not matter to Sarah Palin that most religions that do not adhere to the Judeo-Christian belief system still have creation stories eerily similar to those found in the Bible, that they believe in one almighty power that they call God, just not in the English sense of the word, and they all have sets of laws eerily similar to those found in the Bible, just not enumerated as such.

Next time you listen to Sarah Palin speak, listen to her true message, one of racial superiority, religious discrimination, and one that attempts to divide Americans into races, creeds and religions, making some inferior to others. And she does this by stating undeniable half-truths. She’s a crafty one, that Sarah Palin. She never has and never will understand the true meaning of united.


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