Society Attains The Ideal Black Man — But Still Wants to Lynch Him.

For decades white men have been awaiting the evolution of the Black man. Usually stereotyped (by Whites) into such roles as ‘step-and-fetch-it’, submissive post-civil war Negro, or the violent, drug dealing Super Fly. We’ve been treated to the jive talking ever-hip huckster, the daughter raping threat to the community, the black power fisting Black Panther, or the gang banging, good for nothing ghetto dweller.

For decades there were no other images available to represent Black males in America society until recently. The cultural, hard working, intelligent representatives, who should have been role models, such as the Washington Carvers, the Langston Hughes, and the Frederick Douglases were seen as being freaks or abnormalities.

Now, after decades of social advancement, we finally have a Black man who has achieved the heretofore ‘un-thought-of’ by attaining the Presidency of what, at present, is the greatest nation on earth. Not only that, he is articulate, compassionate, sensitive, educated, intelligent, far-sighted, healthy, clean cut and a family man.
Not unlike what many Conservatives claimed to have wanted all these many years in the White House.

Above all Obama understands the needs of normal people regardless of their race. All of the qualities which the White race has wanted to see in a Black man is well represented by Obama. How then, do the White power players react to him now that he has finally taken his place in our society?

“Tear him down!”
“Impeach him!”
“Ruining the country!”
“Send him back home!”
“I hope he fails!”

Hmm. People want something, then when they get it they still aren’t satisfied. After the Black man begins to conform to the expectations of the White race, they, like spoiled children, don’t want him. Should the Afro-American male return to the subcontinent ways of voodoo, witch doctors and playing football without padding? Nope, that would be counter productive.

Instead, they might as well keep moving past White guys putting them down. It wouldn’t take much.


15 comments on “Society Attains The Ideal Black Man — But Still Wants to Lynch Him.

  1. A funny piece. I think I recall your work on Back when you were “alive’ that is. I lost track of your disembodied essence when that site died at the hands of anarchists.

  2. Total admirer of your humor. I take this piece as serious, and respond so. You’re just wrong dude/dudette. A small disgusting element of our nation sadly will be against our Pres no matter what he does, based on skin color.

    Most of us (I think) wish our Pres the best and want results. Respectfully disagree with many of his policies.

  3. Thanks Lib, thanks Kilroy.
    (But Kilroy, go easy on the anarchy talk sinking Demockeracy around here. We are working now taking down the Glossy news site but they haven’t caught on to us yet. Subversion is its own reward. Hush, hush, now. Tee hee!)

  4. refreed;

    My lips are sealed. But the “world on the street” is The Man (i.e. Brian) is pretty damned saavy, so watch yourself. And keep up the good work.

  5. Hmm, I wonder why, if conservatives or Republicans, are so racist and against Obama because he is black, that it has only been the liberals and democrats that keep bringing up the race issue. It seems to have become an issue and a talking point for them. Or is it just that they have run out of any REAL fodder to support their objections to conservative views.

    • Mr. Deport,
      You do realize this is a satire site right? You are choosing to pick a fight with folks who make a living by laughing at people who choose to pick fights with folks who, well, you get the gist. You, sir, are our fodder. Hell, sometimes we may even refer to you as a mudder, depending on our mood.

  6. Oh get over yourself. You try, like most blacks to make anyone who does not agree with Obamination as racist. I guess you feel that by pulling the race card you can silence critics or dismiss them as “racist”. The reason people are turning agist this guy is not his race, but his policy. He gets healthcare passed by intimidation and bribery. By using secret votes and “procedures used very rarely, he uses regularly. He subverts the Constitution at every corner and disrespects this county by either not showing respect for the flag and National Anthem, or bowing to leaders of countries that are our enimies, I have the pictures to prove this. He was not e3ven born in this country (as required by the Constitution). And don’t give me the garbage that he was born in Hawaii. That “birth certificate has been proven to be a fake. Add to that the FACT he has admitted to leaders in the middle east that he was born in Kenya. Even the Ambassador from Kenya has said he was born there and has the proof. Obama IS and always has been a socialist. Just look into his past, those he associates with, those he has appointed to various offices. All KNOW SOCIALIST and anti-Americans. So take your race card and shove it

  7. I don’t think the author is ‘black’ although facts aren’t your forte (that’s a foreign word that means ‘strength’). I don’t think a socialist would spend all of his time trying to save capitalism from itself. Obama, at best is a centrist in the mold of Clinton.

    I guess you just call people socialists to silence critics or dismiss them? Like most right wingers, it’s your go to word for anyone who doesn’t agree with you? Oh wait, those are your arguments….


    Hey, it’s America, Obama was elected by the people, if you don’t like it move to a country that doesn’t have a black president, like China….

    America, love it, or leave it…..

  8. What?
    I’m black?
    Cool man! I’m gonna join the NBA and get a soul group together and work for Motown and get me that fine Halle Berry to be my woman.
    Damn good.
    Oh hell…
    I’m gonna have to get my driver’s license changed. I look like a dumb ass white guy on it…

    To be serious now- this reply is too reactionary to answer. No matter what I say you will be angry. You want the world to conform to your views and will only accept those “truths” that conform and agree with your world view. Do you really think the CIA and FBI would not have checked Obama out with a microscope before allowing him to be President?

    No respect? Obama has won back respect for the US that was squandered by the past administration that treated the rules of the rest of the world like a carpet. Bush feigned respect; Cheney didn’t even bother to feign. Did anyone ever show more disrespect and contempt for all things others than high finance and oil than Cheney? Obama shows respect to all and bowing to the Japanese is merely returning the respect that their culture show and expect.

    Why did you choose to attack this article? It is simply a statement, one that your Constitution allows under freedom of speech. Or do you just want freedoms for yourself and to hell with anyone else? I find people of this mentality will cry “freedom” and not allow it to others. They will cry “Traitor” and then sell everything wonderful about a land to the highest bidder. They will cry “This land is mine” and then fence as much as possible off for themselves and block access for all others to any sort of land for themselves.

    Why should I “get over myself”? Have I actually done anything wrong in writing this piece? Or is that just another form of guilt and manipulation to subvert others to your control or “your way of thinking”?

  9. Freud observed that when a patient gave multiple reasons for a feeling or action, there was probably an unspoken reason that was the real reason.

    First White America didn’t like Black men because they were too uppity and trying to get into the middle class—the reaction was Jim Crow in the 1890s. Then, later, Black men were derided for being unambitious and subservient. Then they were derided for being uppity again, this time with a few guns in. Then they were derided for being part of a permanent underclass to which their behaviour doomed them.

    Then we, as rfreed put better than I can, elected a man who embodied everything opposed to being in that underclass…and many of us deride him, sometimes particularly for the education, moderate temperament, and drive for success we “want” to see in more Black men.

    I think “we” just don’t like Black men.

    (Black men aren’t the only victims of this: America, like many societies, will never pass up an opportunity to kick a man in the knee and then laugh at him for limping.)

    • Very informative post. I nominate William Bedford Gump as Glossy’s official commenter from here on out. He seems to actually think before he posts a comment.

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