GN Video: Mitch McConnell Parody (II: Mitch McConnell Will Help Save Your Corporation)

Free markets and capitalism are great, aren’t they?

That’s the American way!

Well. Up to a point.

You ever notice that these stupid, pissy little corner shops and family stores are always blowing humongous, bleeding chunks out of your rightful sales?

Mitch McConnell noticed it.

Quite a few years ago, in fact!

Mitch McConnell has what it takes to restore free market capitalism, and bring the hammer down on all those pitiful, greedy, covetous small business owner guys.

Watch this video, share it, and let’s hope Donald J. Trump is able to bring Mitch’s project to its full completion!

Mitch and Don are bringing capitalism back!

Back to the 19th century…

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