Naz Shah: “Armenian Genocide Victims Should Shut Up, for the Sake of European Solidarity”

After her various ‘Shut Up’ gaffes, accident-prone Galloway-baiter and confused champagne socialist Naz Shah has now caused a minor upset to victims of the Armenian Genocide.

A stunning lyrical epic, reminscent of Edward Spencer, Victor Hugo, Percy Shelley and E. L. James, has now issued forth from the honeyed mouth of Yorkshire’s finest politically correct middle class socialist.

Look mate, it’s like this, yer know

She says (in her inimitable Bradford brogue):

All ’em bastard Armenian folk ‘n’ that, yer know, yer gotta give ’em credit for persistence.

No chuffin’ way are these lads giving up without a fight!

Tell yer what, though, I mean it’s like this, like…

All these ‘ere Armenican genocide folk better shut up about this genocide. I mean, it’s like well nasty, is that, undermining us European solidarity, and all ’em things in the life, just to make a stupid political point, yer know!

Faced with the inevitable Twitter backlash, Naz has now enlisted the Hate Police. The Yorkshire police hate crimes unit are now combing Twitter for hate criminals; so far, in the space of a mere 48 hours, over 500 people are facing charges.

On the plus side, European unity has now been restored, and the racist, xenophobic bigots who were expressing insincere caveats and concerns about Turkish accession to the EU have now been silenced…

Hopefully forever.



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