Hillary Clinton Defends Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide

Hillary Clinton has provided some typically sophistical responses to old One Tongue Johnny’s recent arguments against ‘the Globalist-Humanitarian jargon of “Crimes Against Humanity” and “Genocide.”‘

Let’s hope we can keep her on topic; I know she has a habit to digress a little, and get into self-indulgent rants about her hobbyhorses.

Only individual interests matter. Ethnicities and species (even the human species!) do not have interests, and are not appropriate objects of moral concern.

Well, it depends on what ‘individual’ is. Does individual mean ‘one human being,’ or does it mean ‘a person who cannot be divided?’

Rich white male Republicans cannot be divided from their misogynistic hatred of my campaigns. I have been oppressed for years, even decades, if not centuries, by the bigotry and misogyny of my opponents. That is the only reason I lost.

Framing mass atrocities in terms of collective interests trivializes individual suffering, with all its sentimental, sanctimonious, diversionary cant about high-minded abstractions like ‘Humanity.’

What difference does it make? If I take care of my own interests, and while doing so, take care of the interests of Humanity and of My Sacred Motherland, what’s the difference?

For if one will suffer, all Humanity will suffer. It necessarily follows from this that if one does not suffer, then all Humanity cannot suffer either.

By the way, I still should have won.

Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide are incredibly subjective notions (you can research their legal definitions for yourself). They are no more objective and scientific than ‘blasphemy’ in the Islamic State, or ‘hate speech’ in Canada, or any other highly subjective diktats from an authoritarian country.

Well, it’s similar to Canada, they must be doing something right!

By the way, should I try running in Canada?

To say X is a Crime Against Humanity or Genocide means Y isn’t. This kind of moral hierarchy is impossible to rationally justify. The suffering of those from mass atrocity Y is thus trivialized, diminished, and dismissed.

Moral hierarchies are certainly bad. However, why talk about this moral hierarchy, when you forget the patriarchal moral hierarchy and glass ceiling whereby I “lost” to Donald J. Trump? Surely you realize that there is no moral hierarchy worse than the kind of rampant misogyny that dehumanizes and degrades women, and makes women betray their own true interests and vote against me.

The Genocide Factory (i.e. the worldwide ‘Genocide Industry’ of manufacturing genocides for elite consumption) is intrinsically divisive, and causes an arms race between opportunistic, entitled victimhood peddlers, such as certain Armenian demagogues who recently connived their way into getting a gold star.

I have no idea who you means by ‘the Armenians.’ Is that some kind of 80s punk group? Nonetheless, American foreign policy needs to place us at the center of world affairs. Armenia Genocide was certainly crime against Humanity. Can you tell me who their enemies are? The International Community WILL NOT STAND IDLY BY AND LET OPPRESSORS RUN ROUGHSHOD OVER THE WEAK AND INNOCENT AND ETHNICALLY DIVERSE. Isn’t it about time we finally fixed this problem? WE CAN’T JUST SIT THERE! BOMB, BABY, BOMB!!!!!!!!!!

Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity don’t need to be legitimate terms, either scientifically or morally speaking. They only need to be useful. The only reason this pompous intellectual jargon exists, is as a disciplinary mechanism for big powers. The moment an American or British leader became guilty of a ‘Genocide’ or ‘Crime Against Humanity,’ these terms would have outlived their usefulness. These terms are meant to be applied by the ‘civilized,’ against the savages.

I’m bored.

Can I have my bombs now?


… Well, excuse me, young man! THAT’S QUITE ENOUGH CODED SEXISM FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WAS THE REAL WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully she will recover from that burst blood vessel soon.

If not, there’s always Chelsea vs Eric, 2020!


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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