Northern Ireland Song Parodies III: Imagine This Here (John Lennon Parody)

Imagine there’s no Starbucks
Fast food is evil nahee
No KFC or Burger King
No Big Macs with extra fries
Imagine everybody, living on Special Brew

Imagine there’s no Ireland
If only you could see
No more Lyric FM tee bother us,
Just the good oul’ BBC!
Imagine everybody, bein’ a British lad like me

Imagine there’s no England
No Cameron or Miliband
No Brit-oppressive Monarch
Or Prod boys laughing at Bobby Sands
Imagine there’s one Ireland, just for me and you (but not him!)

You may say I’m narrow-minded
But I’m not the only one
Humanitarian rights is for all us here Ulster lads
And all us here Ireland lads too!
May Enda one day make us One!

Now houl’ on, you lads are spoilin’ the lyrics!
Well it was you boys started that there, so it was!

(And so the sage continues)…


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