Radical Feminists Thwart Hillary’s ‘Fauxfem’ Campaign for Commander-in-Chief

The Democratic Party have dismissed as ‘unjustifiably and unnecessarily contrarian’ a feminist blog which threatened to expose what the writers are calling the ‘faux-feminist’ prospects of a liberal Clinton Presidency.

The culprits have recently posted the following article:

 Clinton Dynasty or Limpet Dynasty? 

The only hope Hillary Clinton offers to women is the hope of ‘progressing’ to be a second-rate Bush or Obama or LBJ or Nixon.

If you’re saying all American women can hope and aspire to, is merely being the next Hillary, you’re trying to consign entire generations of women to an appalling fate. American women have too much intelligence, creativity and character to submit to endorsing the myth of Clinton Mobility.

Many women will reject the call to be some kind of third-rate, cheap-ass knock-off of a knock-off. The very idea that women must submit to taking a Blue Neocon as a role model is arrogant, chauvinistic, degrading. It is also thoroughly, thoroughly misogynistic! The Clinton Myth perfectly exemplifies the overpowering mystique male chauvinist gender roles are exerting over people in the USA & elsewhere.

Well? Why can’t there be a plurality of opportunities for women in the USA? Why can’t any woman choose her own path, instead of having to kowtow to the Military Maria archetype? The Clinton Campaign is a perfect testament to the power misogynistic gender roles exert over citizens.

First there was the ‘good housewife,’ now there is the equally rigid stereotype of ‘successful woman.’ Being able to do the same warmongering as men do is not a criterion of social mobility and gender equality that I recognize. And guess what? You shouldn’t accept it either!

The Democrat True Blue Neocon Ethical Military Intervention & Counter-Insurgency Assault Force Shock Troop Spring Caucus (DTBNEMIACIAFSTSC for short!) responds:

First of all, anyone who questions the feminist credentials of Hillary Clinton is not a feminist, but an anti-feminist, misogynistic bigot. By definition!

Secondly, all this pretentious crap about gender roles is really stupid. Look how many people Hillary Clinton freed from strictly confining gender roles in Libya, Iraq and Syria. Every woman in the Middle East is a more free, more independent, and more fulfilled person today than they have ever been. And guess what? It’s all solely and entirely because of the US State Department’s tireless work to promote and enforce democracy upon anyone too inane and idiotic to appreciate its benefits!

Thirdly, Hillary is not a ‘neocon.’ She is a LIBERAL INTERVENTIONIST! And liberal interventionists are SELF-EVIDENTLY morally superior to neocons! The true watchword and slogan, um, motto of all liberal interventionists must surely be:

My only regret is that I did not kill fewer, and kill them in a more humane and less dispiriting way.

Well, hey! Anders Breivik, anyone?

Fourthly: Read the final sentence of that tiresome screed. I mean, it’s just disgusting, isn’t it? Who the hell are these strident ‘radfems’ to instruct me or you ‘what we should accept?’ Telling other people to take the goddamn bitter pill and suck it up is our job, not yours… you misogynist, chauvinistic, cynically opportunistic enemies of our glorious nation!

As the great gender liberation hero and all-American patriot LBJ would undoubtedly say if he were among us today:

This here country, it’s the country of gender freedom! So, you’d better frickin’ well love it or leave it, bitches!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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