Brewer Slams ‘Racist Asian Governments’ on ‘Eurocentric Curriculum’ Bans (2/2)

So, why was Jan Brewer displeased that Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and North Korea have recently banned ‘divisive and Eurocentric curricula?’

FFS! This is sheer anti-white hatred! Now, you may use whatever words you wish, young man!

… Oh wait, a girl? Is that the girl who is actually called Kim?

Oh, she’s a man? Did she get a…

Well, why doesn’t that surprise me! They’re not exactly a leading Christian nation, are they? Nothing would surprise me less!

Now, listen up, Kim, or whatever your name is. You are rationalizing your thuggish actions with specious excuses like ‘harmony,’ ‘peace,’ ‘good relations between people.’ But let me tell you something, buddy!

You know what? True individualism isn’t just some straight-vanilla assimilation of everyone to a single, abstract norm of ‘true civilization.’

True individualism doesn’t ignore identity, any more than it treats it as an absolute.

True individualism recognises plurality, and recognises plurality as individual in character, and as simultaneously embedded in wider social questions of consensus, dissensus and relative dynamics of power.

For this reason, true individualism is not mere abstract speculation, but acknowledges, both philosophically and also in practice, the concrete, real-life importance and significance of pluralism.

And guess what? That also requires a pluralistic education system, and a plurality of views and perspectives.

And if anyone in this world understands that, then they won’t be fooled by specious attempts to ban supposedly ‘divisive’ academic courses and disciplines.

So, if you don’t want to be regarded as a divisive, hateful hell-hole by people in other countries or even within your own country, then there’s time to turn back.

Yes. Take pluralism seriously, and try to work together for a common life that isn’t just some crappy ‘lowest common denominator’ of mundane misery that everyone can equally have a part in!!!

Hmm… not bad in theory, Jan.

Then again, like our folks back here in the UK, you Republicans and Democrats do tend to have a thing about ‘OK in theory,’ don’t you? Unfortunately, it’s putting it all consistently into practice that requires the time, effort and commitment ;)


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