Brewer Slams ‘Racist Asian Governments’ on ‘Eurocentric Curriculum’ Bans (1/2)

Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and North Korea have finally stated that ‘decadent Western capitalist/kafr/woman’ (sic) Jan Brewer of Arizona might be on to something.

Yes, they have recently passed draconian laws to prevent ‘divisive’ university studies.

Myanmar will not allow any university courses, individuals or families to exist that are Eurocentric in character.

So there will be no more even remotely nuanced accounts or critiques of Western historiography of Myanmar…

Nor will there be any serious discussions of human rights (even ones that are largely independent of external influences).

All this is verboten.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, any university course casting doubt on the notion that Jews or Christians are ‘forgers of the books,’ or that all non-Wahhabis, including every single mainstream Sunni and Shi’a Muslim in history, are automatically going to eternal hellfire…

Well, you can probably guess where this one is going. The Saudi authorities have the universities by the throat.

Yet, in fairness, they’re not exactly Iran, are they? (Un)original maverick John McCain comments:

Don’t be so goddamn moralistic about Saudi Arabia. We have our way, they have theirs!

But as for these frickin’ uncivilized savages in Tehran or Iran or whatever the hell their name is…

As for North Korea, we don’t have any precise info, but it’s not looking good.

Sorry about that. It’s just, our not-so-intrepid gonzo reporter Dexter Sinistri is currently awaiting a visit from Dennis Rodman.

Worse still (or indeed better still), he’ll be waiting a long time. ‘Rumor has it’ Rodman has a bit of a grudge against Dexter…

Which in fairness, is true of quite a few (hundred) celebrities nowadays.

But on the plus side, notable Blair/Cameron ghostwriter, fan-fic amateur, and NBC anchor (insofar as there’s a difference!) Brian Williams has shown some interest…

But we are trying to work out whether the notoriously sober, rhetorically realistic and ideologically dusty government in Pyongyang will be able to cope with Brian’s tall tales. It might just blow their mind.

Admittedly, our token paid Fox shill and unpaid Glossy News shill Dave Kilroy has suggested we contact his current former employers instead. But there isn’t full consensus on this one yet in the notable evil liberal media agitprop outlet you are currently reading. Just show me the money, Dave!

Still, Jan Brewer should have been pleased.

I mean, thanks to the example she’s set with her audacious, courageous and inspiring decision to ban ‘divisive’ ethnic studies and brave the wrath of the evil 99%er liberal media, Brewer has enabled America (or at least one small corner of it) to light a candle in a cold, dark, unenlightened world.


Just this once, she is not so impressed.

Hm. Find out why next time, if you can even bear the frickin’ tension!!!


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