Florida Teachers Take the Heat, Won’t Pack It

Florida law bans guns in school so all talk about arming teachers on the job is well, a crap shoot.

In fact, for all the talk, talk, talk no such legislation (as of this date, give them time, it’s early) has yet been filed by a member of the state legislature for consideration.

Odd in itself considering that Florida is the legislative poster state for standing their ground in support of holster laws that often shoot straight to the national headlines by those who wrap themselves in the bullet proof vest of their own pistol-whip interpretation of state firearm statutes. (Case in point, the bumbling bumpkin George Zimmerman of a scenario, the self-proclaimed neighborhood watch vigilante who (allegedly) profiled, chased down, shot an out-of-towner in the form of a teenage boy and once the uh-oh set in, stood his ground to claim self-defense).

As the feds kick the Second Amendment about the schoolyard while the rest of sane America ponders why the mother of a young man with a history of instability felt housing weapons within her son’s immediate access to said weapons was somehow a good idea and perhaps, perhaps considering just who has access to purchased weapons is a component to bully about in light of the horrific Newtown shootings, my guess is Florida lawmakers will stand in silent support of the hands off my guns crowd.

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Yet, not to be out done, the state will likely consider some sort of patella-jerk legislation, likely aimed at “better preparing teachers”, the profession the Legislature has consistently drop-kicked these past two years when not busy squashing the life out of those citizens whose household income falls well beneath the federal income poverty guidelines.

Perhaps three credit hours in marksmanship for education majors will slip in as new criteria for those seeking Florida teacher certification. Workshops with catchy titles like Hands Off My Holster, will be required training of those educators who have been there, done that and now must deal with how best to keep the same student who ripped off their cell phone from making off with their school-sanctioned weapon.

Or the Florida obvious may make our day–mandated safety consultations of every public school by a security firm somehow tied or owned by a member of the Bush clan (former governor Jeb, brothers George W. and or Neil, does it matter, they all look the same after awhile) all well-known for making a buck off the legislative deer hunt.

The state could go whole wild hog crazy and virtual school all children at home via computer. Think of the taxpayer dollars saved and the self-satisfying Bushmaster quiver felt by legislators for playing the ultimate parental fear card that finally took down the public school system without a single voucher.

Hey. It’s Florida. It could happen.

Clint Eastwood once stated that he had a very strict gun control policy. “If there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.”

But then, that’s the same guy who talked to an empty chair.

Author: Sheree Shatsky

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