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Conservatives Enter Welcomed Death Spiral on Benghazi

Conservatives Enter Welcomed Death Spiral on Benghazi

Conservatives really want to make a big deal out of this, but it just isn’t. They can’t understand why nobody cares, but nobody does, and it’s because embassies are safer under Obama than Bush.

You want answers, right? This is a big deal, right? Well no you don’t and no it isn’t, but fine, I’ll play your game.

RIGHT: Web-found info-graphic on the timeline of US Embassy attacks. (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE AND BETTER READ).

The answers have come out in sworn congressional hearings. Mind you, when oil executives meet with congress, they are not sworn under oath, but the disgraced General Patreaus was sworn, and he gave straight, non-partisan answers.

But let’s get to the meat of this… Under defense hawk (chicken hawk?) George W. Bush we suffered seven embassy attacks, taking the lives of 31 people… where was the outrage? That’s an average of one attack every 417-days.

Under four-years of Obama we have had only one embassy attack, tragically taking the lives of four dedicated American patriots. It’s a tragedy, but it happened. That’s one attack every 1,417.

That means attacks were more than 3-times as common under Bush than under Obama. That means almost 8-times as many people died under Bush, or 4-times as many per year. Again, where was the outrage? There was none.

And mind you, this attack came after the house Republicans voted to not increase funding for embassy security. Yes, the powers that be knew there was a need for greater embassy security, and a bill was put forward to finance it, but the Republicans shot it down. Fiscal responsibility, don’tcha know.

So Republicans, you have two choices:

1 – Let it go. Only FOX News, Breitbart, Free Republic and conservative radio still thinks this is important. It isn’t. You can keep betting on it and waste time and political capital pursuing it if you like, but there’s just no “there” there. Or,

2 – Double-down and keep up the attacks. It will only speed your path to irrelevance. Even if it was a real story, which it isn’t, the American public has already shown that they just don’t care. We lost thousands of lives on 9/11, but only four in Benghazi, and no civilians.

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11 Responses to “Conservatives Enter Welcomed Death Spiral on Benghazi”

  1. Skittles says:

    Are we STILL talking about Bengazi? GET OVER IT! Mitt lost, move on.

  2. Connor McGuire says:

    Bush didn't lie about what happened. Obama did. This isn't, and was never, about the election. Yet, all of you are prone to thinking it is for some reason. Fox News and Breitbart and other conservative radio shows are the only ones who EVER gave it coverage. You heard no questioning from any members of the press about to Obama until after the election. O must feel pretty safe with his protective shield, the mainstream media.

  3. Connor McGuire says:

    Bush didn't lie about what happened. Obama did. This isn't, and was never, about the election. Yet, all of you are prone to thinking it is for some reason. Fox News and Breitbart and other conservative radio shows are the only ones who EVER gave it coverage. You heard no questioning from any members of the press about to Obama until after the election. O must feel pretty safe with his protective shield, the mainstream media.

  4. "Bush didn't lie about what happened. Obama did." It's wonderful that after each and every instance under Bush, you watched and learned about how everything unfolded. At the ages of 8, 10, and 12 (ish)? That's excellent devotion to our nation, good for you. One minor tip though, Benghazi was actually covered by non-conservative media outlets as well. Even "liberal media" CNN had coverage pre-Sandy and pre-election. I personally know Mr Bush never lied about anything, ever. Especially anything that resulted in the needless deaths of anyone, like our US troops. Ms Rice never lied while under oath, either. Strong opinions you have, and it's wonderful to be able to have them. Keep freedom alive.

  5. I take it you didn't watch the debates? Willful ignorance and you still can't let this non-issue go. It's becoming sad to watch.

  6. bargis says:

    American diplomats and staffers getting needlessly killed after repeatedly calling for help is a big deal to me and others with reasonable expectations from government. Especially when the embassy staff were placed in harm’s way in a district known to have an al Queda presence. The ambassador himself feared for the consulate’s safety when he requested additional security measures well in advance of any attack only weeks after a contingent of State Department security members were mysteriously told to stand down and leave. Anyone in government covering up the type of attack and who perpetrated it by spreading lies and false stories is guilty of a criminal act.

    Denying or wishing away these documented facts only makes a doubter a fool or a perhaps a shill for partisian politics.

  7. dc says:

    So Connor, do you have any comment on the article we are actually commenting on? Did you read before you wrote? I’d say you were just looking for a text box to fill up regardless of the content of the article, which kinda points out how irrational your team is being about this. Besides, you’re a fu***ng kid… what do you know about anything? Cheers to you for trying to be engaged, but do yourself a favor and take a step back and think about the big picture. Does it help to be pointing fingers? Do you point at both sides equally when the infraction is the same? I bet not.

    …and f**k Bush. He lied like s**t throughout his 2 terms… remember the 9/11 commission (probably not, you were about 10…)? He would only testify off the record, in private, with Cheney (side by side) and most importantly NOT UNDER OATH!!! What more do you need to hear?

    Go forth, young partisan hack.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Comments from Connor have been deleted. He posted more than 35-comments on the site, all of them the exact same thing over and over again, and always from a different IP address. Not a real person, Connor was a Spammer. His comments have been deleted as such.

  8. Connor McGuire says:

    Non-issue? Okay, tell that to the families of the four Americans who died.

  9. Juan Sarasky says:

    Funny how even when losing, these guys still go at it, kind of like a dead chicken still moving…

  10. Juan Sarasky says:

    Connor McGuire how many soldiers died in the Iraq war because of false information… Are you outraged about that?…Tell that to the families of those soldiers my friend…

  11. Tom Riley says:

    The Obama administration lied about Benghazi or TOO FAST AND TOO FURIOUS as I like to call it…

    They lied and covered up Fast and Furious when Brian Terry was killed… THEN they were running guns to Libyan rebels who were also AL-QAEDA… and lied about Benghazi to cover THAT up..

    I don't agree with either side… Repubs spent like drunken democRATs when they got into power… Bush did many things to take away our freedoms by signing the Patriot Act and Obama has went right along with them even making some of the restrictions stronger…

    We can all agree Reagan spent the USSR into oblivion… that's exactly what Obama is doing to us now…

    Whether you vote Dem or Repub you're voting for ONE head of a two headed monster…



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