Open Letter to House Republicans; It’s Time to Compromise

Listen guys, you still govern us, so I’m counting on you. No, We The American People are counting on you. We need real reform, and your party is in the position of power that can make that happen, so we beg you to help us, the little guys, instead of your faceless, often nameless, non-human financial sponsors.

Right: Republican Leaders showing a standard lobbyist-hosted lunch bill. (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

I know when Obama was first elected your sole goal was to make him a one-term president and we can all see how well that worked out. So please don’t send the economy onto the frothy rocks just to make a political point. Obama is a judo master and he’ll turn it against you… but if you help America, you can get re-elected, or at least stop hiding when you go home to your districts.

Obama Is Already Out

There isn’t the possibility of another Obama presidency after this one, so don’t go full-tilt on the obstructionism. It won’t help the country, and it may serve to discredit you in the next election. We need solutions and only you congress folk can deliver them, so let’s all get this country back to a time where we only worry about what the president means by “is”.

If you will help America, Obama’s unstoppable “Organizing for America” juggernaut won’t be able to use your own words and votes against you. Democrats plan to run on their record, but also against yours.

America Needs You

The power you have to do good by your people and great by your nation has never been more real. The president’s Jobs Bill is all but dead, but you can revive it. You keep reviving the Benghazi issue so you know how to bring something back from life support and beyond.

You can reach across the aisle without showing weakness, and you can do it for the betterment and embiggening of America. The austerity much of Europe enacted didn’t work and instead led to high unemployment and devastating economic shrinkage that will take many years, if not decades, to grow back out of. I just beg you to do the right thing for once.

The Tea Party Mandate is Dead

You’ve seen the faltering of the Tea Party. Karl Rove, the self appointed brain of the conservatives, supported a slate of candidates to the tune of $300 million, but ALL of them failed to gain their seats. Michelle Bachmann, a mindless, soulless insult to humanity, spent the second-most in the house and only won by about 500 votes. Allen West is gone, though he’ll never admit it, as are every last member of the pro-rape brigade. If this doesn’t tell you they’re in the minority, and a dying one at that, I don’t know what will convince you.

Why Not See What True Bi-Partisanship Can Do?

Could it be a jobs bill? Could it be a tax plan? Could it be Medicare and Medicaid reform? The Republicans talk big but when the rubber meets the road they have no specifics to run on… prove me wrong Republicans! Show me that you can work within the political system to actually improve America rather than simply running it into the ground so that the Democrats can’t be re-elected next time.

And what’s more, Barack Obama’s “Organizing for America” powerhouse is NOT shutting down. It’s going to be in full force for at least the next two elections. If you want to beat it, you better come equipped with some fresh ideas and actual plans to put in place. Your policy of “No” resonated well with the voters, just not as you had hoped.

Or You Can Bronco-Ride the Bomb All the Way Down

It’s up to you guys, but this is a real turning point in American history. We’re rounding this corner with or without you. If you lean into it with us, we can turn faster and safer than if you lean the other way. You can grab the throttle while we’re trying to feather the brake, you can cover the eyes of the driver, or you can help me stop torturing this metaphor and just do right by your nation, your district and also yourself.


One comment on “Open Letter to House Republicans; It’s Time to Compromise

  1. It’s a great idea but it will never happen. No. It’s a great idea SO it will never happen. These republican guys are locked in their race to the bottom. You can’t persuade them to change course. Especially not with the momentum they have.

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