The Supreme Scrap in Wisconsin

The underside of the dark and dangerous judicial branch was exposed last year when Justice Walsh Bradley accused fellow Justice David Prosser of putting her in a “choke hold” during debate of the constitutionality of the controversial bill eliminating collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin state employee.

Luckily for Justice Bradley, Justice Prosser tried to transition into his finishing move the Pile Driver and she was able to tap in her office mate Chief Justice Charles Tubbs who was able to eliminate Walsh with a swift pin following the Peoples Elbow that he dropped from the top ropes. Governor Scott Walker expressed his outrage at the situation that resulted from his highly touted bill:

What happened during deliberations is completely unacceptable. The courts have been and should be a sign of justice and equality.

No person should have to go to work in fear of physical abuse…espcially without the support of their tag team partner.

Everyone knows that Justice “Pounder” Posser and I are tag team partners so for Justice “Terrible” Tubbs to have stepped in is disgraceful. I promise a full investigation of why Justices Bradley and Prosser were not disqualified for a their two on one match.

I will not rest until Justice Bradley is removed from the Judicial Wrestling Federation (JWF).

Justice Bradley responded with a challenged for a rematch. She said simply “Any time Walker wants some he can come get some, I don’t need Tubbs to open up a can of woop ass.” Political insiders believe that if Walker accepts the challenge he will probably begin to champion a bill stripping collective urination rights for female employees.

If passed the bill would most likely reach the Supreme Court by the summer of 2012. HBO is already planning a 24/7 mini-series surrounding the rematch.

Author: Anderson Pooper

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