GOP Debate: You Went Black, Now Go Back (7 of 7)

DE BATE, NEW HAMPSHIRE —BobZaguy Recently, seven of the leading extremists of the Tea Party Republicans debated in New Hampshire.

This recap is intended for those who tried to stay awake for the whole time, but couldn’t. It’s also OK for anyone who didn’t watch at all to go through this and get a fix on what went down.

Of course, in a place or two, spare bits of translation and explanation have been appended to give clarity to the comments and statements. Where the obvious has been left unsaid, the unsaid is now in words. Some are a bit cheeky and made in fun, most aren’t. Liberties have been taken.

Ron Paul, Congressman, TX
This is the seventh and final installment in our 7-part series on the topic of these bloviated politiclowns, without any prejudgment. Each day over the past week we’ve covered one of the would-be candidates

“I am Congressman Ron “BlackBerry” Paul. I delivered 4,000 babies for a living once. Now I’m done with that.”

It’s bad economics. It’s not part of the constitution. If you allow an economy to thrive, they’ll decide. But when the politicians get in and direct things, you get the malinvestment.”

They do the dumb things, so it shouldn’t happen. In housing, I would want to do much less, much sooner. By that I don’t mean do nothing. I mean the government shouldn’t be involved. The government needs to get the prices of houses down to clear the market, then we can all go back to work.”

Corrections are good. Take homeowner bankruptcies, we’ve been doing a whole lot of good there, clearing the market. But what we’re doing now is absolutely wrong. Medicare had everyone pay in so much money over 30 years to make it work.”

It made them so dependent on the government, that now for the government to work a transition, you have to cut out a lot of that money. We need to get a chance for the people to opt out of the system. The government shouldn’t be involved. Why can’t we opt out of the whole system and take care of ourselves?”

We shouldn’t give them easy citizenship. They bankrupted the hospitals and the schools in Texas and other states. There was a time when the Catholic Church actually looked after this…And some of the anti-immigrants want to come down hard on the Catholic Church, and that is wrong.”

Also the Catholic Church has opted out of same-sex couple adoption. This whole immigration problem is related to the economy. People aren’t coming over as much now because it’s weak. When we had a healthy economy, people flowed over here getting jobs, even legally. So there is an economic issue here.”

Freedom has solved these kind of problems before. You don’t have to say, oh, you’re not going to have care or there won’t be any care and everybody is going to starve to death. That’s the implication of the question. That’s just not true, and you shouldn’t accept it.”

Our national security is not enhanced by our presence over there. We have no purpose there. We should learn the lessons of history, because our presence there is not making friends let me tell you. I have to pick one? I have to do some more quizzing – let me look them over.”

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6 comments on “GOP Debate: You Went Black, Now Go Back (7 of 7)

  1. I’m gonna go back and read every one of these cause they are quite good. But my initial thought is, it ain’t over by a long shot. You’re gonna have to write many more of these as the wannabes continue to step up to the batter’s plate.

  2. You see why I broke them out into a 7-parter. Too much good stuff to bury 5,000 words deep. I would love to see such coverage of all the candidates as they emerge. Anybody heard about the next debate yet?

    Ah, here it is, July 10th. Looks like Huntsman is on the dais. Might just need to be a single piece about him and an update on the rest of the already-known(to be crazy)s.

    And in Nevada no less. This gift just keeps on giving.

  3. I am incensed and mortified that MY registered trademark ‘Liberties Taken’ has been used without my authorization in the first paragraph of this article.

    People shouldn’t go around taking liberties with ‘Liberties Taken’ in such a manner. It will lead to the breakdown of our entire society is what it’ll do. I warned you!!!

    Also, seems apparent to me, you writers are having WAY too much fun of late. You’re in a target rich environment with skewers so sharp, they’d make a Ginzu knife go hide somewhere.

    While this is a Left leaning site, and I am busy having LOTS of fun moving furniture around TN in 100 degree weather? I feel it my duty to the 4th estate to dig out my PJ O’Rourke hat (I think it’s in storage locker no. 2, maybe)and submit a three installment commentary cycle.

    Will get to work on it right now. BTW, does anybody remember what town storage locker no. 2 is located in?

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