Debate: GOPTea Tries to Pull 2012 from Thick and Thin Hair (3 of 7)

DE BATE, NEW HAMPSHIRE —BobZaguy Recently, seven of the leading extremists of the Tea Party Republicans debated in New Hampshire.

Two hours is a long time to have to sit and watch, even with 3 beer breaks. So here’s a shorter distillation of what each person said relative to questions that were asked, even Tweeted, by a number of mostly anonymous people, John King included. This is intended for those who tried to stay awake for the whole time, but couldn’t. It’s also OK for anyone who didn’t watch at all to go through this and get a fix on what went down.

As you can readily see and appreciate (thank you very much!), the replies here have been stripped of their bloated party boilerplate and now stand naked (hat tip – A. Weiner) before your eyes for all to consider. Of course, in a place or two, spare bits of translation and explanation have been appended to give clarity to the comments and statements. Where the obvious has been left unsaid, the unsaid is now in words. Some are a bit cheeky and made in jest, most aren’t. Liberties have been taken.

(Peaches and) Herb Caen, Talk Show Host, GA
This is the third in our 7-part series on this topic. Each day this week we’ll cover one of the seven-odd debaters, and we do mean odd, who chose to appear.

I’m Deep Dish Caen and I am here tonight because this is not about us. I’m not running for #2 either. I will be the only president to do what’s right, not what’s politically right. We don’t need to slow down.

I hate to tell you, I hate to be the one to give you the bad news, but seniors, you’re not getting back the money you say you put into Medicare. The situation we are in today with Medicare and Social Security is because the problem hasn’t been solved. Which I totally support.

Soon it’s going to be our grandkids in that wheelchair that they are throwing off the bridge, unless they can pay. For Social Security, I support a personal retirement account option while we phase out the current system. We know that this works. Even if it doesn’t work here, it worked in the small country of Chile.

Sorry. No, you are restating something I did not say, it’s not a litmus test. You can have peaceful Muslims and then you can have militant Muslims, those that are trying to kill us. I don’t want to hire those Muslims for my cabinet that are trying to kill us.

I do not believe in Sharia law in American courts. I believe in American laws in American courts, period. We are a compassionate nation. One, secure the borders, two, enforce the laws, three, promote the path to citizenship, like this lady did by doing the cleaning in places.

Empower the states to do what the federal government hasn’t done, won’t do, can’t do. Then we won’t be getting into the problem that was raised. Case closed. Did we understand the Lybian problem? I don’t think we did. We didn’t have the intelligence. To paraphrase my grandmother on Lybia, it’s a mess.

It’s just an absolute mess. We now know there’s more that we don’t know than we do know. It’s very difficult to know what we now know until, like someone said, we can know the unknowns along with the knowns and know which known is what we should know. It’s not about us. It’s about the children and the grandchildren. Vote for them and you won’t go wrong.

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7 thoughts on “Debate: GOPTea Tries to Pull 2012 from Thick and Thin Hair (3 of 7)

  1. Ha!
    I totally forgot that I wrote this! Imagine that!
    As to “You got that doublespeak down.” Well, babe, I just use my bifocals when I type and voila, two words where there was once, just one.
    Thanks for the edit work Brian. I know this is very late, but I did just read this for the first time today in September! See how important I think I am?

  2. It is, good eye. Couldn’t find any good shots of Mr. Caen, that’s how well known and serious of a candidate he is.

  3. In that case, excellent editing job, Brian, and BobZ, fun concept. Looking forward to, as P. Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.”

  4. In fairness to Bobz, I took a pretty heavy hand with this series. He’d submitted the review of all 7 candidates as a single story. It was, shall we say, way the f too long. Like 7 times longer than the longest a story should be… so I broke it up like the fistful of crackers it’s about. Ta-da! Seven part series.

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