Obama Suffers Criticism After Bowing to the Burger King

President Barack Obama found himself in a predicament after TV cameras caught him paying homage by bowing to, of all people….the Burger King mascot! (Image courtesy of the ever-clever Glenn McCoy.)

After several on-camera bows to the Emperor of Japan, who’s royal lineage had a major part in the vicious attack on our country just a few generations ago, the hapless ‘Barry’ Obama was once again caught bowing, this time to the King of Saudi Arabia, the Sultan of Brunei, and of course, most recently during a quick stop at a fast food restaurant, the Burger King mascot, who was handing out coloring books to a throng of kids.

After purchasing a bag of super-sized chicken fries and a strawberry milkshake, the leader of the free world bowed to the Burger King mascot near the door, and in the process almost spilled his milkshake.

Obama made a quick statement to reporters who had their cameras trained on the event. “I guess I got carried away and wanted to make sure that everyone knows our country is sorry for protecting the free world, giving immense amounts of foreign aid away, and being the inspiring symbol of freedom.

Other nations have noticed as well. In Communist Cuba, the Castro brothers have started to wear crowns and purple capes in public. In Iran, the RTEvolutionary Council gave permission for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to wear one of the Shah’s old crowns in the event Obama might stop by for tea and cookies one day to discuss nuclear issues. Not to be outdone, in Venezula, Hugo Chavez reportedly has had a life sized, full color crown tattooed on his ass, anticipating the next United Nations meeting.

Other fast food companies besides Burger King were quick to pick up on the free publicity. Dairy Queen, Prince Potato Chips, Royal Crown Cola, and King Kong donuts all have inquired about a Presidential visit in the near future.

White House press secretary Robin Gibbs played down ‘the bow’ by explaining, “The President wasn’t really bowing, he merely bent over to pick up a quarter that someone dropped.”

Author: Bargis Tryhol

Hello, I'm Bargis Tryhol and currently live somewhere in the southern part of the USA. I have been writing humor for quite a few years and love to make fun of the liberals who in recent years seem to be falling by the wayside in droves. My online following is fairly large now, so a big 'shout out' to all who have embraced my lopsided humor. I do appreciate the support. You can visit my website Satire World for more outrageous humor.... SatireWorld.com Comments or retribution? Bargistryhol@aol.com

25 thoughts on “Obama Suffers Criticism After Bowing to the Burger King

  1. Is the writer of this article serious? It should be quite obvious to anyone with a brain that Obama was only bowing to the Burger King as a tongue-in-cheek gesture (especially considering there were lots of children around the Burger King as well). It wasn’t supposed to be serious — it was merely playful. Geez!

  2. speaking of excuuuuuuse me, I caught part of The Jerk on cable this morning. That Steve Martin really had some chops. It’s stood the test of time awfully well.

  3. We don’t “all have our talking points“. I haven’t even worked up mine yet. I was thinking “It’s all about the stupid, stupid,” or “the Republicans are a mushroom cloud.”

    By the very nature of talking points, anyone who has them, doesn’t have their own, but those of someone else. It’s like saying everyone in Cape May, New Jersey has “their own herpes.” No they don’t, they all have Snooki’s herpes, and what’s worse, they’re all proud of it.

  4. We all have talking points and we all have personal grievances against those in office. No one can deny anyone that. But here on Glossy at least, we try to get along so that we can have these occasional dialogues sans name calling. That, I think, is what separates Glossy from other sites. One other thing I would say, though, is that this is a satire site, not a political site. Some of the satire stories may be about politics but first and foremost, it is about humor, and when stuff like this gets in the way, I can only imagine it turning our readers off. Let’s get back to the funny. We should all take the major political discourse to other sites that welcome our opinions.

    I could be wrong, but this is how I feel about the whole thing, and when I get caught up with the conversation, I’m as guilty as the next so this isn’t about everyone else. I take personal blame as well for some of it. Now, on with the show, folks.

  5. My last reply….I’m certainly not wrong. Everything I said is true, factual, and happened.
    The last para was not a troll-action and was pure editorial in nature and was not aimed at nor intended to slam no one in particular.

  6. Fact: The latest Obama approval rating sits at 44%. This is not a positive number. It is also lower than Bush’s approval rating after twenty months in office.

    Fact: We agreed, in treaty with Isreal, that we would not support a U.N. resolution calling for Israel to dismantle their nuke program. We voted in favor of that this summer.

    Fact: We agreed, in treaty with Israel, to sanction the development of an Iranian nuke program. We declined to vote on a U.N. resolution on that this summer.

    One of those was reported on CNN, the other was reported in USA Today (no, I don’t know if they were covered on FoxNews as I don’t watch that program).

    Part of the bail out of GM (Government Motors) gave the Feds the power to determine their board and president. Part of that bailout also gave a major portion of voting power for the company to the UAW. Nationalization of banks and control of major corporations are tenets of Socialism.

    By the way, I also disliked Reagan in a major way. I don’t know how old you are, but he came into office under the cloud of making an agreement with the Government of Iran to hold the hostages and extra few months until after his innauguration (when they could have been out earlier).

    As far as Nixon, the most leftist thing I can think of him doing was his wage and price freeze. While this activity was probably not legal or constitutionally correct, it did save the economy then (much the same way FDR’s New Deal saved us). If you are putting him in the left because of Watergate, he was doing exactly what Kennedy did to Nixon’s own campaign offices in 1960.

    The Clinton surplus was also not a real surplus as we ran on deficet spending that year. Spending less than your budget when that budger was in the red is not a surplus.

    As far as supressing of facts, apparently you missed the coverage a few months ago of the group of 200 journalists who all agreed not to cover the Reverend Wright scandal?

    As far as border issues, consider the current amnesty plans, the verbal and legal attacks on the state of Arizona (and much of my family lives there, so I am 100% up on that issue), the verbal attack of our own border patrol, tying the hands of our border patrol and military on the borders when it comes to weapons, allowing a foreign government to sue the state of Arizona over a law that 100% mirrors the constitution, and terminating the employment of a border patrol agent who shot a Mexican teenager who was attacking him and was also armed.

    The National Guard on the border has been ordered to be armed with only riot gear, going up against a Mexican Army (who make frequent incursions into this country) and the drug cartels (the same) who are armed with AK-47s.

    Also, my wife is a school teacher. She can now be terminated from her position if she reports students or their parents to the INS for being illegal aliens (though I don’t understand how not reporting illegal activities can be legal).

    Now, have you heard of Palin’s Bridge to Nowhere? We have one as part of the stimulus plan and I drive past it weekly. Do an internet search on “The Cloud Climbing Railroad.” You’ll see an old wooden railroad bridge outside of Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The tracks going to it from both sides have been removed. Parts of the bridge are missing. It hasn’t been used in about 75 years.

    We are, however, spending Stimulus money to repair and rebuild and reinforce that bridge. Cloudcroft is a tourist town for people from West Texas and Southern New Mexico. The economy there has not suffered during this recession/depression (whatever you want to call it). This is just one example of a waste of money in the stimulus program. I know of this one as it is close to home.

    Here’s another: There is/was a flood control dam in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Stimulus money was just used to pave a road through the center of the ponding area and cut a hole in the dam. There is now a big flood control dam with a huge hole in the center that would not hold back any water. It would also empty out into a residential neighborhood. Right next to the construction was a sign saying that this was part of the American Reinvestment and Revocery Act (or however they word those things). Wasteful spending? Yes. Stupid spending? Yes.

    If these two projects that are both close to home are examples of how the stimulus works everywhere, than it is all a waste of money.

    By the way… Yes, I am a moderate. I also most recently worked on the first Bill Richardson campaign for Governor of my state. In retrospect, this was a major mistake. He has almost bankrupted us, and started doing this even before the economy went south. This country is lucky this idiot was not named Commerce Secretary (he had to withdraw his nomination) as he is fiscally irresponsible.

    When he became Governor, we had a state surplus (the largest per capita surplus in the country). We had low unemployment. We had low state income taxes. We had no state debt. In one year, he wiped out the surplus, put the state in debt, and increased tax rates. He became the first Governor to have his own office in Washington. He also spent $347 million on an official state jet.

    I supported him, so I guess I got what I deserved.

    At this point, I will no longer comment on this topic. I believe that it is now getting personnal. That is not the reason I am on this site.

    By the way, yes

  7. “Bowing to the Burger King” is right on for Obama, though I don’t think he would get it. About his presidency, think like many who voted for him (as in most of our elections)and imagine the alternative. McCain and Palin would have us attending Sunday scchool while the whole world frets who we’re going to declare war on next.

  8. @Cletus. – Obama is actually quite popular, with his approve/disapprove figures still positive, and that’s with all the anti-incumbent, red-leaning excitement. Israel and England do not like him? Citation needed. Show me the 2 broken treaties or I’m going to start making stuff up too.

    I don’t follow you on the immigration thing, but since you’re a southern-stater, alleged native American and obvious policy wonk, I’ll trust that you’re 100% right. Although I’d be crazy not to ask what you mean. There hasn’t been any new immigration law, so it’s all still the stuff that was good enough for every previous president, plus he sent National Guard down to enforce border patrol.

    Anyone calling Obama a socialist needs to read about Nixon and Reagan. Obama is to the political right of both of them… you better not be calling the gipper a pinko just because he expanded government, raised taxes and created

    I know you like to say you’re a moderate, but come on now man.

    Olberman and Beck are straw men in this discussion, nobody said they were right or even relevant (or even journalists. Seriously, Jesus Christ, who would call them that???) Obama has fixed much, you’ve just already decided to deny it. That’s fine.

    The media is supressing facts? Oh lord, what radio shows have you been listening to? You’er not gonna turn in to one them crazies on us, are you?

    @rfreed – I was kind of feelign that sentiment too.

    @BT – Did you just blame the early 2000s recession on Monica Lewinsky? Two years is enough time for Obama to drop the Bush Blame? Ugh, you’re making my brain sweat tears of patriotic sadness. Bush blamed Clinton until 2007, and I haven’t heard Obama blame Bush in over a year. Anecdotal evidence, sure, but lay off the talking points. Original thought here, please.

    NOTE TO BT & CBF… If you want to score some points around here and not just be written off as delusional parrots, you’re going to have to concede when you’re wrong.

    BT – Your last paragraph was pure troll. I don’t allow trolling on the site, period. Be respectful, be civil. Don’t put words in other people’s mouths, dont’ call names and accuse people of treason because they don’t share your minority opinion. You know perfectly well what you’re doing, and I’m saying “don’t.”

  9. Hey guys, calm down it’s only stupid politics.

    P.B. you’re correct on the Clinton surplus, but to be fair you must finish the statement. Clinton had a PAPER SURPLUS, not buckeroos in the treasury. It was projected, not real in the sense that it was guaranteed money in the bank. The 1999-2000 recession that followed Clinton’s heels in his last months in office (ie The Dot Com Implosion and the Lewinsky scandal) pretty much gobbled a chunk of the surplus because tax revenues slumped and unemployment rose. Top it off with 9-11 a few months into Bush’s term, caused the weak recovery to fall into anoter recession, thus taxes dipped, and any ‘Clinton paper surplus’ evaporated.

    Giving Obama two years is certainly enough time for him to drop the Bush-blame and take responsibility for his own inept actions, or as in many cases, his lack of action. Unemployment is still hanging in around 12% in my part of the country and no relief is in sight. Economic stimulous isn’t working. Bailed-out banks and insurance companys are still blantantly screwing citizens, and yet, Mr. Fairness-For-All sits back and says it’s all still the Republicans fault. I mean, how far will you go in having excuses for this guy? He’s just another Jimmy Carter dud and the sooner you start supporting another Democrat who knows what their doing the better.

    Face it, and it would go along way to keeping the American dialogue open and fair, that you guys elected the wrong person as President. Be honest and admit that with only 164 days service in the US Senate as a freshman Senator, and a few years as a community activist who’s main task was to get federal grant dollars to pay off Chicago street gangs ain’t a whole bunch of work history! Then you hand him the biggest economy in the history of the world for on-the-job-training?

    Add into the mix his past association with avowed socialists and communists, an awkward and shaky past history with an odd religious base, and an overly supportive liberal media that seems to look the other way and give him a pass that no Republican would ever receive, all adds to the general distrust of Obama.

    I know, I know, you guys are fearful of the elections and your hopes of some grand radicalized socialistic society springing from the ashes of ‘Bush’ are certainly threatened, and in most cases, thwarted forever, but I’ll put our countries future in the good hands of hard working citizens who have watched two years of hipocrisy, two years of ineptness, and two years of spoon-fed media nonsense, to turn the country back onto the correct track that has made us great and prosperous

  10. Hold on there Cletus just a cotton pickin’ minute. I seem to recall that at the end of Clinton’s stab at President, he finished up with a record budget surplus. He didn’t have a problem holding onto government spending even to the point of shutting the government down a time or two until calmer heads prevailed. You don’t give a president 2 years and then compare them to Presidents who have had 8 years to screw up or do well. And that’s the bottom line. Be fair and let the guy have a couple more years and see what he’s capable of before blowing him off. It’s fair to ask.

  11. Bringing hatred to the site? I can respectfully disagree with anyone’s political opinion. The school of Keith Olbermann (easily the worst “journalist” on television, followed by Glenn Beck) is the only one I know of that says that disagreeing with his political opinion is racist hatred or the rantings of a right wingnut. Also, Obama has not fixed anything in his two years. Unemployment has gone from 6% to 10% during his tenure in office. We have our largest budget deficets ever. We have increased the national debt to its highest levels ever, growing it more in the last 20 months than we did in the entire first 220 years of this country (a fact from the National Budget Office). Obama has increased the national debt more in 20 months than Dubya or Clinton in their 8 years (and they were the two other worst debt makers). We have broken two treaties with Israel in favor of allowing our enemies to build offensive nuclear weapons. We have insulted our citizens in the House chambers and on the White House lawn to promote illegal aliens (who are criminals) over the law as written in our own constitution (which is what Arizona 1070 supports). This paragraph, by the way, is not about spreading hate; it is about spreading knowledge and facts which are being ignored and supressed by the media.

  12. Obama has done more to restore respect for the US and to show the world that a US President can do a lot to return respect to the political field than many have. I see you believe in the present right doctrine of tearing down anyone who is not a part of your camp. Thanks for bringing more hatred to this site.

  13. Well, then here’s hoping that Obama does do a few more successful things to turn our economy around and create jobs before the 2012 elections and prove everyone wrong. If it happens, would you consider changing your mind? Going Republican just seems an extreme solution to the current problems. We do tend to forget just how really bad things were toward the end of Bush’s 8 years. You can’t expect to fix everything in 2 short years.

  14. Not all of the world likes him; our allies don’t. Look at what he’s done to England and Isreal. He might as well sign over our Southern borders (where I live) to Mexico after his stupid immigration, illegal alien, and border policies. I thought that Bush was the worst President this country ever had, but Obama has surpassed him in less than two years. By the way, I was also a registered Democrat for over 25 years and still consider myself a moderate. I worked on campaigns for local Democrats and on the Dukakis campaign. Pelosi and Obama and the current crop of Socialists running my party have chased me away. I’m not a Republican, but hope that they win the Congress in the mid-terms and make this Socialist a lame duck for his last two years.

  15. The world actually likes him more than some of those at home. Much more so than Bush. But I suspect you would disagree and probably call me an idiot as well for supporting him.

  16. What’s our moronic Premier Obama going to do next? Promote Colonel Sanders to General and put him in charge of the war in Afghanistan? Great story about the idiot who is embarrassing this country around the world (and at home).

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